Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Joey Martinez Kick Drums

Hey Guys!

Here are 10 of my favourite kick drums ready for you to download for FREE!

Can't find the right kick drum for your music productions or do you just want to build your kick drum sample library?... Well here are 10 kick drums for you to download now.

There are no excuses.... download these kick drums from my SoundCloud & get started now!!!!!

Joey Martinez KICKDRUMS

Joey Martinez Kick Drum                 DJ Joey Martinez KICK DRUM 


Friday, 18 October 2013

These Gods Will Fall


I am very excited to announce that my Remix of Marc Vedo, Boy George, Federico Scavo and John Gibbons is out now & available to download at Beatport as a BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE!

These Gods Will Fall - Joey Martinez Mix Beatport Exclusive

I am very blessed to be part of this release and I am forever grateful to Alex Kenji & The Hotfingers Team in giving me the opportunity to remix this song and to work alongside great names and some of the biggest guys in the house music scene at the moment... So Thank You Alex Kenji & Hotfingers... You have made me very happy! & Thank you to everyone who supports and buys my music!

These Gods Will Fall - Joey Martinez Mix (Joey Martinez Music Channel)

These Gods Will Fall - Joey Martnez Mix (Hotfingers Records Youtube Channel)

Marc Vedo & Federico Scavo feat. Boy George & John Gibbons - These Gods Will Fall (Original) Music Video