Sunday, 30 December 2012

My 2012!

Well well well. I clearly remember this time about 12 months ago pledging that it will be my new years resolution to write more blog posts. I think I managed that for the first part of the year. I was writing blogs posts & sharing music, but I'll hold my hands up and say sorry - I did not quite fulfil my New Years resolution as much as I would have liked so this year I'm pledging that I'm just going to try and be a better person. Is that cheating? It's quite an easy New Years Resolution.
In all honesty I think that making New Years resolutions is  a bunch of crap. I mean how many actually work? How many people change their lives in January for it all to be back like it used come February 1st? C'mon, I mean see above!

Wow! I can't actually believe that it is NYE tomorrow, December 31st 2012! This year has been quite a year for me! If somebody had said to me last year what I was going to experience this year, I would not have believed them and probably laughed at them - I know its such a cliche saying that but I cannot even start to tell you what a journey I have had this year. Both in terms of my music ( Can't quite call it a music career just yet) and also in my personal life.

I'm sensible enough not to be hanging my dirty washing out in public and to be honest I'm not going to tell you what I've been through this year but it has certainly changed my life and this goes back to me and my New Years Resolution. I'm not starting my New Years Resolution the day after tomorrow because after all it is just another day. My New Years Resolution started back in September. Why what for a specific day to do something better - there is no better time than now!

Anywho I'm slightly digressing, this year I have lost some friends but also made new ones. I have some pretty bad luck this year but I've also lived this year - the last 3 months of this year have been awesome. It sort of balanced itself out in the end. I lost friends I thought I would never lose contact with, dealt with situations and saw things that only happen in Eastenders - again I'm not going to tell the world what is going on with my private life by blabbing it all on Facebook and Twitter. But thankfully I have had my music to hold on to. Without music I do not know where I would be and sorry again for this cliche but music has helped heal my soul through some pretty tough times this year. Sometimes it has been my only companion. Music can tell you a story. Music understands all of your emotions. Music can make you happy. Music can make you cry. Music can help you grieve. Music can give you hope. Music will always be there when you need it. Music will not share your secrets. Music will comfort. Music will tell you to start fresh. Music will make you dance. Music will make you feel good and for this I FUCKING love music.

I think it's been a good year for music. I've discovered some pretty cool music. Those of you who follow me on Twitter/Facebook will know that I've become quite fond of guitar music. I would not say that I am only into and only listen to House Music as that would be narrow minded of me and I've always had an open heart about other genres of music. I grew up listening to Hip-Hop ( I was a 50 Cent wannabe when I was 13) and I've always listened to other music. I was raised in a household where music was played everyday. I've not always listened to House Music and I haven't always loved it. But I would say that for the past 5/6 years that is all I have listened to and I've enjoyed it. However I've been to a few gigs over the past couple of months and it has really opened my eyes (and ears) and made me realise how much I have missed listening to other types of music and made me realise how much I love hearing new music. Some of the music that I have heard in the latter part of this year was recorded in 2009 but to me its new and I love it. I love hearing new music and I'm going to continue doing that in 2013, making a conscious effort to hear new music whatever the genre - it really is good for my soul. You should try it yourself and see how much your inspiration for life and for music goes through the roof.

As it gets easier and more accessible to make music it is clear that the music industry is getting more and more saturated. Some people may say that this is bad thing as it is getting harder to find good music but I believe it is a good thing. Some people (maybe I should be with this group of people) may also say that as the industry is getting too flooded with music, it is becoming harder to get noticed and create a decent profile. This is true but for me I make/play/dance to music for the love so the previous point does not matter so much to me.

I acknowledge that it is becoming saturated and harder but I don't think that it has hindered my efforts with regards to my music this year? Is that big headed of me to say that?

Well this time last year like I say I had no idea what was going to happen in 2012 and although it has been quite shitty I have achieved so much with my music and things have happened that I could have only dreamed about.

First off was the release of 'Stereocode' - wow! Released back in March and still being supported by Forza and Toolroom in December on physical format. I had a release with Hed Kandi too, that was mind blowing for me and to end the year I've had a release with Supermarket Records which has received huge support from the likes of Paul Oakenfold & Till West!
I hoped of one release this time last year, I had no expectations of being supported by some of the worlds biggest DJs! This year has surpassed all of my expectations with regards to my music I'll remain humble and modest about it because I'm just a normal guy who has a job, a normal life, and I do  this for the love of it - maybe one day baby I can call it my job!
I have quite a few releases planned for 2013 - this I am sure of! Something I would not have said this time last year so if 2012 is something to go by then I'm in for a treat in 2013 and hopefully you will be too with my music.

Here are my top 10 favourite tracks of 2012, they all have a personal meaning to me.
I hope you like my choice! What are your favourite tracks of 2012? I think it's been an excellent year for music - well for me it has anyway ;)

10. Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli - Concret Angel

9. Martin Volt - Melon

8. Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez (Carl Creme & Reza REMIX)

7. Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing

6.Deniz Koyu - Bong

5. Tom Flynn - Mr Hedgehog

4. The XX - Fiction (Funkagenda REMIX)

3. The XX - Angels

2. Florence and The Machine - Spectrum (Calvin Harris REMIX)

1. Joey Martinez - Stereocode

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Joey Martinez - Take Them (Higher) OUT NOW!!!!

"Take Them (Higher) " is my new house music track & it is out NOW!!!

It is available for download on all of the worlds biggest download sites including the dance music download store Beatport.

My new house music track fuses an hypnotic pumpin' bass, with an infectious groove, a slick rhythm, electrifying stabs and up lifting vocal drops that will take the crowd 'HIGHER'!

"Take Them (Higher)" is available to download via Supermarket Records.

This Mainroom House / Progressive House Track has recieved some HUGE Support already from the likes of Paul Oakenfold, Rio Dela Duna & Deep Josh to name but a few!!!

[SMR081] Joey Martinez - Take Them (Higher) [Supermarket Records]

Support By The Best Deejays Around The World!

Artist: Joey Martinez 
Title: Take Them (Higher) 
Label: Supermarket Records 
Catalog#: SMR081 
Format: 2 x File, MP3, 320 kbps 
Country: Spain 
Released: 25-12-2012 
Style: Progressive House

Track list:

1 - Joey Martinez - Take Them (Higher) (Vocal Mix)
2 - Joey Martinez - Take Them (Higher) (Instrumental Mix)

Support Joey Martinez And Supermarket Records On The Best Music Stores!

Available to Purchase from Beatport.....

Take a listen to this house music track on my SoundCloud:






Monday, 3 December 2012

A Journey Through The World's Finest House Music

This is exciting news! I am absolutely over the moon with this! It feels fantastic to be publishing this blog!

My song "Stereocode" is featured on a Toolroom Knights compilation mixed by Forza i.e Alex Kenji, Manuel De La Mare & Luigi Rocca.

To know that this song is still doing the rounds and causing damage on dance floors around the world is one of the greatest feelings I have experienced.

It has also been featured as an exclusive on the popular DJ download site Beatport.

Stereocode was released on 18th March 2012 via Rezonation Music as part of a Miami Winter Music Conference Sampler. Since then, it has been featured on several compilations throughout the Summer especially for and it received massive  support in Ibiza.

This is truly been the icing on the cake and is for sure an true achievement.

To be lined up against some of my musical heros is somewhat over whelming. 

It is with great pleasure, pride and happiness that I can say that I have been featured alongside the likes of: Sander Van Doorn, Mark Knight, Nic Fanciulli, Riva Starr, Tocadisco and my favourite producers in the game right now Sympho Nympho (Erick Morillo, Jose Nunez & Harry Romero) - these are to name but a few.

Full Track List is Below with Download link and a link where you can Pre-Order your physical copy of the magnificent release.



Toolroom Knight Mixed by Forza

"A Journey Through The World's Finest House Music"

When 3 of Italys hottest and fresh-thinking DJs & producers - Alex Kenji, Manuel De La Mare & Luigi Rocca - decided to combine, the result was quite literally their namesake: Forza translating as force summarizes the trios waves in the worldwide scene completely. Featuring exclusive cuts from each member in the form of: Alex Kenjis Latch; Manuel De La Mares Mirage & Mike Vale collaboration So What, & Crack Of Dawn from Luigi Rocca along with Piatto collaboration Cosmic Girl, Toolroom Knights Mixed By Forza parallels the threesomes driving enthusiasm through an incredible selection of upfront, unreleased and classic tracks.Featuring a range of styles from the worlds best labels, high points of the mix include Mark Knights classic anthem Alright, Wehbba & Antonio Eudis The Real Thing, Alex Kenjis remix of Outro by Sander Van Doorn, and Movin On from Nic Fanculli, as well as key moments from Federico Scavo, Joris Voorn, Zombie Disco Squad, Tocadisco, Riva Starr and many more. Unstoppable as 3 single entities, Forza are unmatched combined.Spanning 43 tracks in total alongside 3 full-length DJ mixes, and offering only the finest musical journey that youd expect from such a combination of producers & DJs, Toolroom Knights Mixed By Forza is a mix certain to satisfy 303 lovers everywhere

Disc: 1
1. Alex Kenji & NDKj - Not That Kind Of Girl (Mike Vale Remix)
2. Prok & Fitch vs Marco Lys - You Need Some (Original)
3. Grant Nalder - Guilty Pleasure (Original)
4. Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez - Sex-O-Phone (Original)
5. Sander Van Doorn - Outro (Alex Kenji Remix)
6. Mark Knight - Alright (Original Club Mix)
7. Prok & Fitch - Symphony (Original)
8. Alex Kenji - The Funk (Original)
9. Ant Brooks - Skreamer (Original)
10. Heartik - Last of The Breed (Original)
11. Full Intention - America (Marco Lys Remix)
12. Joey Martinez - Stereocode (Original)
13. Alex Kenji - Latch (Original Club Mix)
14. Shawnee Taylor Feat. Sympho Nympho - Colors (Antranig Remix)
15. Alex Kenji - Blue Strobe Light (Original Club Mix)
Disc: 2
1. Alex Gomez, Bias - Candela (Original)
2. Supernova - Esta De Mas (Original Club Mix)
3. Manuel De La Mare & Mike Vale - So What (Original Club Mix)
4. Riva Starr & Ramon Tapia - Freedom (Original)
5. Nic Fancuilli - Movin' On (Original)
6. Lou Lou Players - Don't Go Away (Zombie Disco Squad Remix)
7. Tocadisco, Koen Groeneveld & Ahmet Sendil - Oldschool (Ahmet Sendil Mix)
8. Manuel De La Mare - Mirage (Original Club Mix)
9. Pete Gooding & Jonathan Cowan Feat. Kellie Allen - Limbo (Original Club Mix)
10. Marco Lys - Back 2 The Beat (Original Club Mix)
11. Anil Chawla - Pondi (Original)
12. Wehbba & Antonio Eudi - The Real Thing (Original)
13. Cuartero - Madrugar (Original)
14. DJ Le Roi Feat. Roland Clark - I Get Deep (Joris Voorn This Is Not A Remix)
Disc: 3
1. Luigi Rocca & Manuel De La Mare - Opa-Locka (Original Club Mix)
2. Mike Ivy, Friscia & Lamboy - I Need Ya (Original)
3. Luigi Rocca - The Crack Of Dawn (Original)
4. Olivier Giacomotto - Leche de Tigre (Original)
5. Winx vs. Nic Fanciulli - Don't Laugh (2012 Remix)
6. Kevin Saunderson - The Sound (Jay Lumen Sacred Sounds Remix)
7. Joris Voorn - Goodbye Fly (Original)
8. Sergio Fernandez - Thank You (Original)
9. Federico Buratti - Boogie Love (NDKj More Love Remix)
10. Jordi Castillo - Neptaline (Original)
11. Reboot - Enjoy Music (DJ Chus 2012 Edit)
12. Luigi Rocca, Piatto - Cosmic Girl (Original)
13. Federico Scavo - I Do (Original)
14. Joey Negro Presents Z Factor - Saturday (Luigi Rocca Remix)

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

New compilation on Housesession Recovery‏

Club Session pres. Club Weapons No. 13

01. Musica - Edhim, Martin Villeneuve (Original Mix)
02. Tribe - Serotonin Thieves (My Digital Enemy Remix)
03. Blue - Chris Rockford, Dj CrEdo (Chris Rockford & Dj CrEdo Instrumental Mix)
04. Um Baya - Darko De Jan (Original Mix)
05. Unt1tled - Greg Stainer (Original Mix)
06. Just For One Night - Lucas Reyes (DJ Sign & Manuel Voltera Remix)
07. Caipirinha - Dj Fist (Upjeet Remix)
08. Time Will Tell - Audiowhores (Raul Cremona Remix)
09. There Is Power - Reza (Dj Soulstar Remix)
10. Love You Too Much - Garrett, Ojelay (Peter Brown Funkt Edit)
11. Shut Up - Kid Chris, Terri B! (Francesco Gomez Remix)
12. Stereocode - Joey Martinez (Original Mix)13. Unexpected - Steven Ray (Starkillers Remix)
14. Destiny - Karpekin, Vengerov (Nari & Milani Remix)
15. Threat - Markus Amenaza (David Puentez Remix)
RELEASE DATE: 25th August 2012


Friday, 10 August 2012

OFFICIAL CTM RECORDINGS LAUNCH PARTY! All Day Terrace Party @ Brixton Jamm, Sat 11th August – Why go to Ibiza?

OFFICIAL CTM RECORDINGS LAUNCH PARTY! – All Day Terrace Party @ Brixton Jamm, Sat 11th August
On Saturday 11th August, CTM Recordings takes-over and treats you to a 9 HOUR marathon session from the decks of the NEWLY OPENED terrace at the legendary JAMM in Brixton.
Celebrating the much-anticipated launch of London’s newest label – CTM Recordings – we bring you an amazing line-up, including debut performances from CTM’s newly signed producers plus several SPECIAL GUEST DJs.
Rick Cee
Joey Martinez
Giraffi and New Sense from Disposable Thumbs (
Dee Scott
Dave Scholes
Adam Jace (Plastic City, Sudbeat)
You can expect some of the finest deep, soulful and uplifting tech house to guide you through the day, including EXCLUSIVE previews of upcoming CTM releases.
And, of course, all of this is brought to you for FREE!
To keep you fuelled there will be an authentic Jamaican BBQ and exclusive giveaways from the CTM team.
No tickets necessary, just tell your friends, turn up and bring some sunshine :)
Rick & Rob

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Music News :-)

I'm quite conscious of the fact that my time line on Facebook and Twitter will soon be full of self promotion blabber.
So here is a blog post that will inform you of my music movements over the summer, exciting times are ahead and hopefully there will be more good news from me in the future.....

First up, my track titled Stereocode which was released earlier this year (18th March 2012) on Rezonation Music gets a re-release and it's featured on The 'St. Tropez Summer House Vibes Album' courtesy of Recovery House .

Released: 19th May 2012

The track list is as follows:

01. Crazy Sax 2.0 – Wawa (Boris Roodbwoy & Ezzy Safaris Remix)
02. Move – Dj Soulstar (Club Mix)
03. Knock On Your Heart – Tune Brothers, Jolly (Ralph Good Remix)
04. Hangover – Ben Delay, Mangoint (Original Mix)
05. Do Ya Disco – Grayson P (Original Mix)
06. Running 2012 – Erick Decks, DJ Sign, Felice (Original Erick Decks Extended Mix)
07. Sexy Girl – Franck Minaro (Sven Scott & Denetti Remix)
08. Tanko – John Aguilar (Homeaffairs Remix)
10. I Defy – Cosmic Funk (Fine Touch Remix)
11. Alegria – Peter Brown (B.Vivant Remix)
12. Organ Of Love (Want Love) – Jerry Ropero, Java, Caesar’s Scissors (Original Mix)
13. Oye Como Va – Capilari, Salvavida (Jerry Ropero Remix)
14. Shake – Niko De Luka (Brown Sugar Remix)
15. Better World – Jim Tonique, Patrick Bryze (Tujamo Club Mix)
16. Watching – Max Franklin (Max Franklin Mix)
17. La Colegiala – Guru Da Beat, Mauro Mondello (Original Mix)
18. Yo Quiero Bailar – Ruben Amaya (DJ Fist Remix)
19. Let The Bass Kick – Brown Sugar (Brown Sugar Remode)
20. Red October – Darko De Jan (Stereo Palma Remix)
21. Colors Of The Beach – Stev Dive, Delighters (Manface & DaBool Remix)
22. Destroyed – Argento (Original Mix)
23. Too many reasons – Paki & Jaro (Terrific D Remix)
24. Gotta Let Go – A. Lee (Paul Emanuel Dub Mix)


It feels great to be featured alongside some great names such as Erick Decks and Jerry Ropero.


My second release of the Summer is a HUGE Release, really happy and excited about this!

'Hard to Love' feat Nicole Tyler  is released on:


Release: 20th May 2012

Track list:

1. Sam Cannon  - Hed Kandi Live Es Paradis Opening Party 2012 (Continuous Dj Mix) [Live]
2. Fedde le Grand, Deniz Koyu & Johan Wedel  - Turn It
3. Mark Knight  - Alright (Original Club Mix)
4. Thomas Gold  - Sing2Me
5. Patrick Hagenaar  - Golden Nugget
6. Mobin Master - Show Me Love (feat. Robin S) [Ted Nilsson Remix]
7. Wez Clarke - Someday (Darryl Green Remix)
8. Audiowhores - Sometimes
9. Patrick Hagenaar  - L.O.V.E. (You Give the) [feat. AMPM] [David Jones Remix]
10. Jonas Fehr - Vice Moves
11. Diego Drums  - Azteca
12. WestFunk - Runnin (Instrumental)
13. Cult 45 - Revolver
14. JOEY MARTINEZ - HARD TO LOVE (feat. Nicole Tyler) 15. Darryl Green  -The Tears In My Eyes (feat. Shena) [Crazibiza Remix]
16. Todd Terry & J Paul Getto - Fantasy (Original Mix)

I could not be happier to be featured and released along some big players such as Todd Terry, Thomas Gold, Mark Knight and Fedde Le Grande - it's a dream come true!



As the tradition goes, tracks that are BIG in Miami go on to be even BIGGER in Ibiza and keeping with tradition 'Stereocode' is going to be featured on 'Ibiza Season Opening 2012 Album' released by the label Recovery House.

Release: 24/05/2012

Track listing:

01. Mar De Leva – Jorge Monita, Albert Aponte (Original Mix)
02. Push Me! – Coqui Selection (Ivan Llamazares Remix)
03. The Most Dangerous Place – Dany Cohiba (Angel Manuel’s Jack This Mix)
04. Whaddyala – Nathan Lee (Jorge Montia Marfil Remix)
05. Bring The Heat – Futuristic Polar Bears (Original Mix)
06. Knock On Your Heart – Tune Brothers, Jolly (Ralph Good Remix)
07. Yo Quiero Bailar – Ruben Amaya (DJ Fist Remix)
08. I Believe – Ce Ce Rogers, Syke’n'Sugarstarr (Idriss Chebak Rework)
09. Circus Bells – Fran Cosgrave, Ethan Project (Original Mix)
10. Spotlight – The Good Guys (Avicii Rising Star Mix)
11. Where I Wanna Be – A Squared Theory (Original Mix)
12. Kremlin – John Dahlback (Original Mix)
13. Bad Language – Lunde Bros. (Original Mix)
14. Shine A Light – Kurd Maverick (David Tort Remix)
15. Stand Up – DJ Fafo, Sebastian Massianello (Peter Brown Remix)
16. Rootz – Jochen Pash (Jacked Up Remix)
17. Music – Chris Montana (Sean Finn Remix)
18. Turn It Up – Martin Villeneuve, 8BarZ, FTR3 (8BarZ & FTR3 Mix)
19. Hardball – Ben Delay (Original Mix)
20. Where My Hoes At – Patrick Hagenaar (Upjeet Remix)
21. La Cacimba – David Herrero (Original Mix)
22. Baleares – Rio Dela Duna, Dany Cohiba (Original Mix)
23. Wild Beats – Nick Mentes (Zoltan Kontes Wild West Remix)
24. Feel The Rhythm – Dj Fafo (Jozsef Keller Remix)
25. Dutch Bitch – Rene Rodrigezz (Sean Finn Remix)
27. Can You Feel It – Martin Wright (Original Mix)
28. Don’t Stop (Afterparty) – Nopopstar (Club Mix)
29. Apoule – Midnite Sleaze, Phonatics (Fisher & Fiebak Remix)
30. Bump – Steve Kid (Original Mix)
31. Do Watcha Like – Marc Fisher, Jens Lissat (Erick Decks Remix)
32. Same Place Same Time – Travi$, Samuele Buselli (Original Mix)
33. Erebos – Luke Lawson, Adrian Ford (Deft Duo Remix)
34. More – Edhim, Roger Slato (Original Club Mix)

Again the Main Room Monster 'Stereocode' does it again & gets me featured alongside Patrick Hagenaar, Kurd Maverick and John Dahlback. These guys are a few of my inspirations so to be up the with them is just terrific!



'Stereocode' is doing the rounds this summer!

It'll also be featured on another compliation 'Ibiza Summer Vibes 2012' from the Label 'Play This! Records'

Release date: 07/06/2012

Full Track listing:

01. Sweet Dreams - Avicii (Avicii Swede Dreams Mix)
02. Music - Chris Montana (Original Ibiza Mix)
03. Knock On Your Heart - Tune Brothers, Jolly (Vocal Mix)
04. I Believe - Ce Ce Rogers, Syke'n'Sugarstarr (Idriss Chebak Rework)
05. Loose It - Alesso (Ibiza Mix)
06. Can You Feel It - Martin Wright (Original Mix)
07. Hold Me Close - Lissat, Voltaxx (Original Mix)
08. Ain't Nobody - Jason Chance (Vocal Mix)
09. Rootz - Jochen Pash (Original Mix)
10. Everlasting Now - Tim Royko, Cosmo Klein (Club Mix)
11. Cocek - O.B (Sexy Mix)
12. Sky - Matty Menck, Terri B! (DJ Soulstar Remix)
13. The More It Get - Audio Jacker (Original Mix)
14. Heat The Disco - Nick Mentes (Nick Mentes & Arno Grieco Remix)
15. Turn It Up - Martin Villeneuve, 8BarZ, FTR3 (Extended Mix)
16. Gotta Let Go - A. Lee (Paul Emanuel Club Mix)
18. I'll Never Stop - Cosmic Funk (Original Mix)
19. Where My Hoes At - Patrick Hagenaar (Nopopstar Remix)
20. Pasajeros Con Destino Ibiza - Andrea Bozzi (Original Mix)
21. Marina (Inside My Soul) - DJ Cross (Ruben Amaya Remix)
22. This Love - Soul Power (Paul Jacobson Remix)
23. All Around The World - Dancecom Project (Extended Mix)
24. Beat Goes Bad - ADDK (Full Vocal Mix)

Buzzing to be lined up against one of the hottest producers in the world right now - Avicii. He is another inspiration of mine and it really is good to be amongst so many good names, not only on this album but on all the releases coming over the summer!
Thanks for the Support and to make sure you keep up to date with my music productions, mixes and news on future release by:

Following me on my SoundCloud

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E -mail:

Monday, 14 May 2012

What?... I said look after you're ears

I've covered this subject before but I think it's important to talk about it and try to educate people about how they can protect their ears.
There have been a few things pop up in the media about Tinnitus so I thought I'd re-visit this subject and try to educate more people.
Recently Chris Martin and Plan B backed an earplug campaign
If you don't look after your ears, you can go deaf, that's a harsh reality but.Tinnitus can seriously impede your Career.
Music Legend Gary Numan says he did not look after his ears and now he is in "Trouble".
"It's getting serious, to the point that I can't mix my music properly anymore, so it's majorly impacted on my career. If I'd just looked after them when I was younger then this would never have happened, so I very much regret it. I would often be at gigs, standing at the front next to the speakers, not wearing earplugs, thinking I'm cool and being manly, but that's just rubbish, it's stupid.
"So look after your hearing and wear earplugs."
Here is a short video that I found on YouTube (it's not the best quality). Here dance music producer Jody Wisternoff talks about his trouble with Tinnitus and about wearing ear plugs.

Here is some medical information from Channel 4's embarrassing bodies

"Sufferers of tinnitus can hear noise within their ear or head that is not coming from an outside source. It can be quite common amongst sufferers of colds, but can also be caused by exposure to loud music. Up to 10% of the population suffer from tinnitus and it can range from nothing more than an annoyance to a much more serious condition that can cause problems when sleeping or concentrating. Old age is the most common cause of tinnitus, but it can occur in any age group, and can be self-inflicted by over-indulgence in thrash metal. The most common cause is damage to the hearing nerves that causes a random series of signals to be received by the brain, and interpreted as sound. It can also be caused by ear wax, anaemia, and in rare cases by more serious medical conditions such as tumours. There is no cure for tinnitus, but there are various coping mechanisms that you can discuss with your GP"

10 Top Tips on How to protect your ears

There are many ways to protect your ears from loud noises:

• Turn the volume down on your mp3 player
• Be careful of using cheap nasty headphones and speakers. Yes I know I'm a music tech geek and I'll always say that i-pod earphones are naff but if you use cheap tacky headphones when listening to your mp3 player, you'll be likely to turn the volume up as the quality will not be there.
• Take regular breaks when producing music and practising your DJ sets. Your ears get tired so give them a break and let them recover, you'll notice the difference in sounds when your ears are tired and when they are fresh.
• When in a club, take regular breaks from the dance floor
• Similar to the last point but monitor your exposure to sounds over 85 dB and take regular 15-minute "silent" breaks, regardless where you are.
• Pay attention to signs such as “Caution! Loud Noise Hazard, Ear protection must be worn”.
• Don’t try to be cool by standing next to the speakers in clubs
• Avoid hazardous sound environments. This is a difficult one especially if your a DJ/Producer/Musician but bare this in mind if you have to raise your voice to be heard, you are in a potentially dangerous environment for your hearing. 
• If you can't avoid loud environments then wear ear protection. Google 'Buy ear plugs' and you'll be well away. If you're in the UK then you can buy custom made ear plugs from Specsavers. they are quite pricey... From £99 a pair at the time of writing this but for if you're like me than you'll agree that your hearing is priceless.

dB      Level Level of Exposure           Common Noise Source
140    Deafening                                 Jet Engine 25m away
130    Deafening                                 Jet Engine 100m away
120    Deafening                                 Loud Club
110    Deafening                                 Jet Engine 600m away
100    Very                                         Loud Pneumatic drill
90      Very                                         Loud Food blender
80      Loud                                        Police Siren
70      Loud                                        Vacuum Cleaner
60      Moderate                                  Busy Office
50      Moderate                                  Normal Conversation
40      Faint                                        Library
30      Faint                                        Whisper
20      Very Faint                                Rustling leaves
10      Very Faint                                Breathing

Monday, 7 May 2012

We haven't got over MySpace

Today I refer you to a piece Grammy nominated, DJ, Producer, remixer and one half of Duck Sauce, A-Trak wrote.

Here A-Trak bangs the nail on the head. There is a massive gap left in the market since the fall of MySpace.

I think the 'death' of MySpace has been backwards progress for musicians and artsists.

It's 2012 and as an upcoming House Music DJ and Producer I use a combination of several social networking sites. I use SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote myself online and to help improve and increase my profile. Sadly I do not use MySpace but if you look hard enough you'll find that I do have an account set up but one that is hardly touched. You may also notice that I use a variety of SEO techniques and a few other tools to help boost me up the Search Engine Ranking and to help get me around in Cyber Space, however I believe had this been several years ago back in the hayday of MySpace all of this would be unneccessary. I spend an awful lot of time on the internet managing and updating my content which explains the rarity in blog posts here.

I'm not a a professional DJ/Producer yet... however I do strongly believe that the more prolific you are online reaps its rewards offline so the little time that I do have, not working full time, is spent between producing, practising my DJ skills and being active online. So this may be an argument for all the different internet tools available - it may seperate the amateurs from the professionals (in terms of number of tweets, plays, comments etc) but is it all neccessary?

Using all of these different sites can get tiring, well it is for me.

If MySpace had not died, imagine all of the free time we would have?

Now I know supporters of SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube may be against me on this one. I'm not saying that SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube and the rest aren't good - far from it, I believe they are essential to promote yourself if you are not already established.

But what SoundCloud can do, MySpace did. What Facebook does MySpace did. What YouTube can do MySpace did. What Twitter does, MySpace did. What my website does, well you guessed it.

Progress should suggest. that instead of using all of these sites that you combine them to make one big site... Well there was... It was called MySpace and it died.

I do miss MySpace and I'm with A-Trak on this, I want MySpace to come back or there to be another site that has eveything. One that gives me more time and one that isn't so confusing.

Well, I'm off to share the same information on 5 different websites when I could be doing on just one.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Debut Release

Well it's been nearly a month since my last post and I've missed a lot of opportunities to blog.... but I can assure you there are plenty more things coming up that I will share with you.

It's Easter Bank Holiday, the weather is grim and there is not much on my 'to do' list so I see this as a perfect time to make a post about my debut release.

My debut release was released last month on the 18th March. Titled Stereocode it was featured on Rezonation Music Miami Winter Music Sampler 2012.

Released to coincide with the Miami Winter Music Conference 2012, it was up against tough competition.

 Azuli, Defected, Housesession, OM Records, Molto Records, Toolroom, Stealth and the usual big players all had releases but I can assure you this sampler has 4 huge tracks!

It's a mixture of main room house music and funky disco house music.

Featured on the sampler was:

Elizabeth Jay - You Don't Know
Myself (Joey Martinez) - Stereocode
Grayson P - Do Ya Disco
Martin Wright - Can U Feel It.

Without doubt four stunning tracks that are sure to carry on smashing up dance floors through out the year of 2012 and not just in Miami!

So far the sampler has received DJ Support from the likes of Robert Owens, David Vendetta, DJ Dove, Muzikfabrik, David Herrera, Etienne Ozbourne, Ivan Pica, Carl Hanaghan, Jorge Montia, Peter Brown, Boris Roodbwoy, Mark Doyle (on his Fierce Angel radio show), Niki Belucci, Per QX, Jay Kay, Des Mitchell, Lucas Reyes, Andy Norman, Groovebox, Garrett & Ojelay, Alex Kenji, The Futuristic Polarbears and many many more!

This is my first release and I am very excited to announce that there are more records and releases in the pipeline coming in the very near future!

You can buy my record 'Stereocode' along with the other three beautiful tracks at Beatport and all other good digital music download sites.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

It's as easy as 1,2,3....

I keep saying that I want to share music and help promote other DJs/Producers and today I am going to do just that.

If you're a budding DJ/Producer of Electronic Music, my blog is just for you!

On the 22nd Feb A-Queen, sent me a message via Twitter.

It was a simple message.

That is all you have to do if you want to promote your music.

You can find a mixture of live Trance, House and Progressive mixes on A-Queens YouTube Channel.

Be sure to check them out if you like your beats on the darker side of House Music.

I actually prefer these sort of videos now as they are live recordings. I am tiring of hearing mixes that have been uploaded to SoundCloud/Mixcloud that have blatantly been mixed using ableton when the DJ claims to be using CDJs or another piece of gear.

I'm a massive fan of music technology so I love things like this.... (I would like to showcase more videos of music technology)

These videos are very entertaining.  Great Videos! They are very original too and refreshing to watch.

New videos are uploaded every other Friday so make sure you subscribe to A-Queen's channel if you like the videos and to show your support!

Follow A-Queen on Twitter!

So do you want to promote yourself and/or your music online?....

It's as easy as 1,2,3 (see above)

I will promote and feature every item sent to me and that is a guarantee.

It's quick, it's easy, it's free and I'm friendly :-)

Every marketing expert will tell you that by sharing links it will boost your SEO optimisation therefore increasing traffic to your site.

More hits = more coverage = more exposure = more success!

Makes sense doesn't it? You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Just drop me an inbox/message.

Follow me and message me - I'm a Twitter

Add me as a Friend - I'm also on Facebook

Send me an email:

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

About Me

This is my blog and I share my music, random thoughts and other bits and pieces.

Whilst I endevour to share music and information about music technology I'll also share information about ME.

So here you go

A little bit of information about me
Check out my profile!

You can also find out more information about me on Facebook

And on Twitter


If you would like anymore information about me please don't hesistate to contact me on:


Thursday, 9 February 2012

Just a random thought...

I tweeted earlier this evening about how I was watching a TV Music Channel and currently David Guetta is at #1 in the UK music chart with featuring Sia with 'Titanium'.

Which reminded me of this Sia Video

I think Sia has an amazing voice and love this song, even the guitar version.

And when I was watching the David Guetta & Sia music video I started to think about how many people have jumped on the 'I hate David Guetta' Bandwagon.

I started thinking 'Yeah sure he has made cringe worthy collaborations with the Black Eyed Peas but are people hating on his music and how it sounds or are they jealous of his success?'

I saw David Guetta when he made his debut in Birmingham, UK. He DJ'ed at the nightclub Air. It was a Godskitchen event and I'm pretty sure Funkagenda warmed up for him... I also remember Miss Moneypenny's hosted the back room too. It was one of my first raves and I fell in love with the whole rave culture and rave scene. I'd been to a few raves before this time but I was more sober at this event and I was just happy to be there. The fact that I may have been under age at the other raves may have over-powered the buzz of seeing a few big name DJs but when I saw David Guetta I was legal to be in the club so the buzz and excitement of being under age wasn't there.

I remember the night very clearly, I remember being up close to the DJ box. I was standing on the stairs over looking the DJ box, standing the other side of the wall, I was next to the lightening technician for most of the night, who also thought that he was an international superstar DJ.

David Guetta saw me having a good time and he signed my flyer and till this day its rests above my bed. You may think it's a sad souvenir but for me it's a keep sake, it means alot to me.

One of my all time favourite songs the Wally Lopez remix of Just a little more love

I became of fan of David Guetta when he was releasing 'The World is Mine' and 'Stay'. This music means alot to me and heavily influenced me to get into wanting to DJ and produce house music.

But as we all know recent times have seen the French Producer release music that has topped the charts.

I say hats off the man. He certainly knows how to make money. Unfortunately and regrettably Vinyl sales are not there anymore so, I think, he turned his hand to making chart music in order to make $'s or £'s as Vinyl sales fell off a cliff.

Now does anybody knock Simon Cowell for exploiting the commercial side of the music industry? No. And I don't think people should knock David Guetta. He is a DJ and producer and has achieved success that many people envy so they turn it to hate. At the end of the day it's his job. Can't knock a man for making money. There is no limit to success, the sky is the limit so, personally, I do not think he has sold out - even though I know a lot of people would disagree which is OK as we are entitled to our own opinion.

I do wish though that he would come back and make music again like the music that I first fell in love with, that would be immense.

I would love to be immersed a dance floor dancing to a David Guetta track knowing deep down that it isn't going to hit the charts and be played on the radio 24/7 but as I say it's a business and tracks in the chart and music played on the radio earns money, so I don't think that is going to happen again anytime soon.

And for the all videos on the Internet that 'apparentley' show David Guetta faking a DJ set as the CDJs appear to be switched off, I don't know what to say to them but I can honestly say that when I saw him perform live that he was actually doing and not cheating. Well I know for a fact that the CDJs were switched on, at least - I remember them flashing and being on, he looked like he was doing live anyway!

I think you can't always believe what you watch/read on the Internet but people are free to their own opinion and they are every much entitled to it.

But my opinion is that David Guetta is a business man and that he knows how to make money in the industry and he does it well.

Monday, 6 February 2012


OK hands up, my bad! It appears that old habits die hard and that my new year resolution did not get of to a good start. I'm thinking that maybe I should use this blog to elaborate on my twitter non-sense in order for me to blog more often... (Watch This Space!) I know it's no excuse but I have been working on other areas of my life which have improved since the New Year so now that they have all been sorted I can now focus on updating this blog on a regular basis.

But I'm not one for digressing (ahem)... So let's get back to business.

The Max'n'Jury from Italy fired over a massive Electro House Bomb. If you love your beats fast, full of energy and sounding familiar then check out the Kelly Clarkson Electro House Remix on their SoundCloud. This is massive!

Be sure to check out the rest of their SoundCloud page if you want more music like this.

I am always on the look out for music and you can send your promos over to me in many different ways.

Rob Love has been posting his music quite frequently in my Group on SoundCloud called EDJ . His Productions range from Progressive House, Deep House, Soulful House and Trance. It's what my group is all about, if it makes you dance, I will approve it. Even if it is not from a Dance Music genre and is a good track I will approve it. It's all about good music.

Take a listen to the following two tracks that have been posted in my Group

I am really feeling this sound of house music at the moment.

I write and compose this blog with the aim of raising profiles of artists and sharing music and I received an email earlier today with a link to a SoundCloud page belonging to Two Talented Tech House Producers from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I would certainly like to help raise the profile of Luthier but by looking at how many comments they have, it looks as if they don't need my help! I need to share their music with you anyway.

This Mr. Zeppelin track sounds amazing and I anticipate the release. Answers on the back of a post card if you can tell me what the sample is...

Their SoundCloud page is full of lots of Tech House Bombs

This is another one of my favourites, I had to download it straight away!

All of the artists above emailed me their music and got in touch with me.

It really is that simple.

If you are a budding DJ/Producer and what a platform to promote your music then email :

Without your music I can't make the blog and the more music I get the more I can blog.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

I am on twitter. Follow me DJ Joey Martinez

I am on Facebook. Add me as a friend, DJ Joey Martinez.

I am on YouTube. DJ Joey Martinez.

Enjoy x

Support the music industry, support the artist, download legally and avoid the nasty illegal download sites.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and all the best for 2012 Folks!

After a hectic December I was unable to start, let alone finish, a Christmas track as I stated that I would in the last post... I failed. Epically. However as New Year traditions go, I have set my own Resolutions. Some will be hard for me to keep and I hope some will stick and help improve my life.
One of my resolutions to up date this blog more.
This year I will blog more often and share more music. Starting today I bring you some lovely music to kick off 2012.

After a week or so enjoy the festive season I neglected my emails and today I opened my inbox ( to find some amazing gems in there.

Here is what I found. Enjoy the following: - Electro House Banger courtesy of Hoi! and LU10 Records.

There is more Free music to download from LU10's SoundCloud Check it out, all in all there is a total of 71 tracks to download and own! They are sure to tickle your ear drums if you're partial to a bit of Bass and dubstep sounds! Amazing Stuff!

You can have the following tracks for free once you have left feedback, I think that sounds like a fair deal.

Toubkal Records present one of their latest releases, Sums - Junkie EP.

This release  has been supported by the following artists: Timofey, Phonk d'or, Victor da House,Jody Wisternoff, Rob Roar and Denis The Menace to name but a few.

The following release was designed and engineered to hit the Dancefloors. Again leave feedback and you can get the free link

Remember if you have any demos, want any extra promotion, seeking feedback or know where to find quality unsigned dance music that must be shared. Drop me an e-mail at

Follow me on Twitter :

Follow me on SoundCloud:

I look forward to blogging and sharing music more often in 2012!

See you soon!