Monday, 30 December 2013

Good bye 2013, Hello 2014.

Well, well , well. Here we are again. Another year has past and we are all that little bit older and just that little bit more wiser.

What a year it has been, it has flown by though don't you think?

This year I was lucky enough and very fortunate enough to make it to The Miami WInter Music Conference. What an experience that was! 10 days of straight up raving that I will never forget. It was actually a dream come true to be out there and for 10 days straight I can honestly say that 'I lived the dream'.

Amazing Times.

Enjoying the Sun on Nikki Beach 
Size matters Pool Party at Fontainebleau 

Three Kings of House
Raving on a Sky Scrapper!

Nikki Beach at night
Inside the club at Nikki Beach

Electric Splash Pool Party
2gether Surfcomber Pool Party 
Yours Truly, Living the Dream!
Sunset at Electric Splash

On reflection
What an amazing year it has been for me with regards to my music Career! This was the year that I spawned The Deeper & Darker pseudonym of Kerri Louis. I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to Remix Marc Vedo, Boy George & Federico Scavo -  These Gods Will Fall on Hotfingers. This put me up there with some big boys! Definitely a highlight for me!
There is loads more music in the pipeline coming from both pseudonym's, so if you are fan watch out!

There is a forthcoming track on Koolwaters from Kerri Louis called "Freedom"

And already confirmed for Panache Records based in London, I will be releasing a huge track called "Rebound".

Can't wait for either and I'm looking forward to more gigs and more of my music to be released in 2014!
Onwards and upwards!

Top 10 Tracks of 2014
Here are my favourite records of 2014, I hope you enjoy :)

#10 The 1975 - Chocolate (Jonas LR Remix)
Discovering The 1975 this year and seeing them live at Hyde Park supporting The Rolling Stones and at their own gig at The Institute has to be up their as a highlight for me this year! Great Young Band! Great music and I enjoyed listening to their debut album a lot too. I particularly like this remix and I'm putting this in my top 10 because I've heard a lot of people down talking House Music production techniques lately and saying that it's getting boring now etc etc and that not much has moved on since it all started. Well I say "take a listen to this and tell me it's boring!" Jonas LR has done a great job to create a fresh sound which combines the sounds of the modern scene.

# 9 Cedric gervais - Sumertime Sadness
I can just here all the boos going against me… Cheese! EDM! Commercial Pop! Radio Trash! etc etc
blah blah blah
So what?! Yeah OK 99% of the stuff released on Spinnin' Records is 'ghost' engineered EDM tosh but this track brings back so many memories for me from Miami WMC 13 and is that not what music is meant to do? For me this track evokes emotion and I can't help it! I heard it several times while out
partying in Miami and it's just stuck with me and plus I like Lana Del Rey's voice too ;)

#8 Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful (Serge Devant Remix)
What a beautiful take on this track. Could almost be a track by itself if you didn't know any different. Serge Devant uses the luscious vocals well and creates a stunning, deep and moving remix which almost reminds of the 'Makin Moves' pool party back in March.

#7 Jose Nunez & Antranig - Check This Out
Straight up house music is rarity I find these days and this is nothing more, nothing less. House Music. No sub genres. It is what it is and it's superb!

#6 Ruben Brundell & Leav - Told You
Ruben Brundell is one of my favourite producers at the minute and 12-3 Recordings are consistently releasing top quality house music. From Sweden, I believe that this guy is The 'Real' Swedish House Mafia. No Cheese ;) Great Music and my favourite track from him this year! Can't wait to here more music coming from him and his label :)

#5 Tom Flynn - My Hut
If this track doesn't want to make you dance then where is your soul? Great Track! Gotta Love
P.Diddy's vocals in this track too - such a catchy track!

#4 Satin Jackets - You Make Me Feel Good
Excuse the pun but this track makes me feel good. It's a goose bump track that just puts me in a good mood every time I hear it. reminds me of the lovely summer we had this year too so deserves some credit for that reason alone! Top Stuff

#3 Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me
Now I know it can be argued that this track came about in 2012 if you really want to get serious about things but was released in 2013….
As discussed great track. It's a hands in the air track for sure. If I have one regret about this year then it's choosing to go to The 3 Kings of House Pool party with David Morales, Louis Vega & Tony Humphries instead of going to the It's All Gone Pete Tong Pool Party with Chris Malinchak et al because I would of loved to of heard this track soooo much there and then but ah well… 1st World Problems ay?
#2 Kerri Louis - Together
2013 saw the birth of my deep house creation "Kerri Louis". When I make stuff under the Joey Martinez name I feel free. I make music that I want to make. Now I'm not saying that I don't have the freedom to do what I want under the "Kerri Louis" name either but I I feel under the "Kerri Louis" name I can intentionally be artistic, it gives me room to express that more emotional side of music that I feel I can't do under the Joey Martinez name as I feel that anything produced under 126 for Joey Martinez just doesn't make sense.
However I digress, this track really means a lot to me and I'm proud to call it one of my own - albeit under another name ;) Nonetheless I still think it's a good track

#1 Houseessence - Love Me
Wow! Well this was certainly a late entry to my chart. But I could not resist, it had to go in at number 1.  The vocals, the baseline, the strings, everything about this track is great. Another track that gets the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end and does do every time I listen to it. A really powerful and emotional track.

Well that's it for 2013 guys. I hope you enjoy my chart. I look forward to providing you all with new music next year and thank you all for your support.
Whatever you do for New Years Eve, rave safe and have a bloody good one!
Here's to 2014, onto bigger and better things, onwards and upwards!
Lets's Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 4 November 2013

101 Quick Music Producing Tips & Techniques

101 Electronic Dance Music Production Quick Tips & Techniques

Hi Guys here are 101 music producer tips and techniques to help you in the studio. 

Everybody works differently and I appreciate some of you might not find any of these helpful but hopefully there is something here for everyone and I hope they ignite that spark and inspire you to start making music, finish that track or just give you a shove in the right direction with your dance music projects! 


  1. Don't be afraid of using sample packs - it's what they are there for.
  2. If you're tempted to turn up the volume when making music, turn it down (your ears will thank you later).
  3. Invest in a good set of monitor speakers. (Using the speaker on your macbook will not provide adequate quality).
  4. Keep monitors  away from the corners of the room to avoid boomy bass. You might not get an accurate mix due to the 'extra' bass.
  5. Before investing in a set of monitors make sure you hear them on music you really know and understand because you want to be making this sort of music out of them right?
  6. Before investing in set of monitors - make sure you hear them for yourself. Don't just go off what 'DJ Dave of Music Tech Forum" recommends.
  7. Take music to listen to on monitors that you want to buy, make sure you use uncompressed high quality files and not crappy low bitrate files from Zippy.
  8. When buying monitor speakers trust your ears more than the spec sheets. you don't get the full story from the fancy numbers in the specs. Your ears are the real test.
  9. Use EQ to remove the lowest sub-bass frequencies, which won’t be reproduced on most systems. 
  10. Look after you ears (buy some ear plus and take regular breaks when making music) but the best part of the speaker monitoring chain is your ears.
  11. Use your car stereo as a good listening tool.
  12. Walk around your 'studio' to hear sounds and different volumes in the track that may need adjusting as you may not notice these sitting directly front of you speaker monitors.
  13. Optimise your 'studio' with acoustic treatment.
  14. Don't underestimate the effects of the acoustics in the room and what impact this has on the mix.
  15. Use egg boxes as cheap acoustical treatment.
  16. Use high quality sounds and samples to get a high quality finish (if you put shit in, you get shit out. Remember this saying: you can't polish a turd).
  17. There is no such thing as the perfect monitoring system so check mix downs on several systems in different acoustic environments.
  18. Treat your mix like a picture. Important sounds should be at the front, not so important sounds should sit nicely in the background .
  19. If you have an Audio/MIDI track and it's just sitting there not doing anything in the mix, if you can't hear it. Get rid of it, it's only creating mud.
  20. Fill out the frequency spectrum to create a fuller sound (bass, mid, high).
  21. Be careful not to fill the frequency spectrum too much else you'll get a muddy brick wall. You should be able to 'walk' around the elements in your music.
  22. Put a high pass filter on everything that doesn't need a low end… stops the mix from being muddy and gives a clearer sound.
  23. Stay out of the red. Leave plenty of headroom in the mix. Distortion and 'Brick Walling' is a NO NO! There are plenty of plug ins you can use to apply distortion properly.
  24. Many clubs are still wired in mono so put your kick through a mono channel too (unless you are about to embark on an avant-garde surround sound showcase tour - that would definitely be interesting!)
  25. Be more inclined to use a midi keyboard rather than using a midi sequencer editor, your riff will sound more human = interesting and less robotic.
  26. Don't be afraid of sampling. It's what most of dance music is built upon. especially a lot of the early stuff but do it wisely. There is a difference between sampling and theft. Be cunning, don't be!
  27. Every so often, turn off the computer screen & listen to what you are making. It's music not blocks of colour.
  28. Take breaks from the studio to avoid ear fatigue. your ear drums are muscles. If you've been banging away at the project for 12 hours straight can guarantee when you come back to that tomorrow, it'll sound completely different!
  29. Educate yourself about Tinnitus & the dangers of loud music.
  30. Make music you feel not what others want you to make. It has to come from the soul.
  31. Save, save, save! Regularly save your projects.
  32. Back up, back up, back up! Same as above really! But it's just good practice because you never who might want to remix that track from 3 years ago ;).
  33. If you're producing house music, place your bass notes on top of the kick or hihat produces a driving feel.
  34. Use polyrhytms in your drums to create interesting drums sounds.
  35. Try layering several kicks to 'conjure up' the perfect kick.
  36. Be careful of phase cancelation when layering your kick drums.
  37. Make the bass 'Phatter' by putting a high synth on top of it. The low frequencies and high frequencies will create a contrast.
  38. Try layering a clap & a snare to create more 'bite'.
  39. Use buss compression on your kick and bass at the same time to get a bigger sound. 
  40. Use white noise as good sweep up/sweep down.
  41. Use Panning to make your drums and percussion sound organic.
  42. Listen to other genres of music to loosen up your mind. It'll help breed inspiration.
  43. Struggling with a writers block? Listen to other music to get ideas about arrangement, structure, automation etc.
  44. Manage the time on your projects. You can spend hours listening to the same loop, tweaking, changing notes and fannying around with little bits and pieces but  try focusing on workflow. A completed track is better than no completed track.
  45. Don't be afraid of using automation - logics curve tool is immense!
  46. During a breakdown, sometimes less is more.
  47. Before you send your mix to the mastering engineer make sure you are happy with the final mix down. the mastering engineer has a fantastic set of ears but he isn't a wizard and can't undo any mistakes you send him.
  48. Make sure you send the mastering engineer a high quality file. No crappy 128 mp3s. As discussed he isn't a wizard and also see above. You can't polish a turd. 
  49. Leave around -4dB in the final mix down for the engineer so he has enough headroom to work is magic.
  50. Remove any bus compression, limiting, eq from the master channel before you hand over the final mix to the mastering engineer. In other words, don't touch that master channel!
  51. If you are recording live instruments and putting them in your dance music, make sure all signals are clear. Use the same principles when using live instruments as you would do when using samples. 
  52. Use side chain compression on white noise with the kick drum to create interesting fx.
  53. Use side chain compression on the bass with the kick drum to make the baseline pump.
  54. Compare you mixes to tracks you want to sound like, after all you want to sound like this right?
  55. Write a hook. it's what people will remember, if you have an interesting hook - chances are you'll have a killer track.
  56. Studio gear is not as important as great ideas. You can buy expensive equipment, great ideas are priceless. Music is judged on how good it sounds not on what was used to make it or where it was made.
  57. Don't get too caught up on what you don't have in the studio. Rather, focus on what you have and become an expert of your 'studio'.
  58. when EQing try taking out any nasty sounds before emphasising the good frequencies.
  59. Be imaginative with your percussion to come up with some interesting beats.
  60. Be organised. Know where your samples are. This is good for faster work flow and helps save time if you have hired out a studio.
  61. Be organised. Label and name your individual tracks in your project. (You never who might want a copy of your project to remix it).
  62. Be organised. Group tracks together (I'm not talking about bussing here) Organisation helps your work flow i.e put your drums together, put your synths together. Seeing & knowing where your tracks are is good for workflow.
  63. Try not to arrange until you have all the parts for your song. Would you start colouring in a picture if you didn't know what colours you were using?
  64. Remember sometimes percussion elements have a key and may clash with other musical elements if they are not in the same key.
  65. Remember it should be fun making music, don't take it too seriously and have fun.
  66. Avoid writers block and don't put too much pressure on yourself.
  67. If your track is sounding a bit flat, don't worry. mastering and mixing it down will brighten it up.
  68. Save time and try and mix your tracks properly as you go, this will save time at the end of your project.
  69. Choose you daw of choice wisely, remember its a personal taste thing and its up to you what you find easier to make music on.
  70. EQ and Compression are to music what salt and pepper is to food. You can't tell that they are there but they make a difference.
  71. EQ a kick drum around 2.5 kHz to give it a 'slap attack'.
  72. EQ a snare drum at 240kHZ to make it sound 'phat'.
  73. EQ a snare drum to 5kHz to make it 'crispy'.
  74. EQ an organ at 80-120Hz to highlight its bottom end.
  75. EQ an organ at 240Hz to bring out the 'body' in the organ.
  76. EQ an Organ 2.5kHZ to bring out its full 'presence'.
  77. EQ a Bongo at 5kHz to give to a real presence.
  78. EQ strings at 240 Hz to give more 'fullness'.
  79. If you have sibilance on vocals eq them at 7.5-10kHz to remove it.
  80. Make sure you power up and power down properly with you speaker monitors or else… KABOOOM!!!
  81. Remember you are making dance music, it's not Rock Metal music, you don't need to over produce tracks. Focus on the mix and getting the levels right.
  82. Make your sounds work for you. Don't work for your sounds. If you're spending ages trying to make a sound work, its the wrong sound. Spend more time arranging rather than fanning about with the wrong sound.
  83. Tease the listener. Open filters gradually. Use 4s, 8s & 16s. Make transitions gradually and keep the listener interested.
  84. The human ear can only focus on 5 things at once apparently so not only will layering sound upon sound sound 'muddy', it'll also confuse the listener.
  85. Presets are good but alter them and change them. Personalise them. Make the sound yours. "Find your own beat".
  86. Treat you computer like a real music making machine. Don't clog up your HD with unneccesary files, you'll need it for samples and for your projects & that extra RAM always helps with that CPU which is good news for your VSTs and Plug-ins.    
  87. Seek constructive feedback. As they say feedback is the breakfast of champions -   it can only make you better right? 
  88. Use Parallel compression on your drums to brighten them up - Don't under estimate what this can do!
  89. Use Mix Bus Compression on your drums to glue all of the elements together so the track sounds more cohesive but be careful when using this technique as the track can sound too squashed and it will lose its punch.   
  90. Try using gated reverb on your drums to make them sound more powerful. A technique which was commonly used in the 1980's.
  91. Use a hint of bit crushing across the whole of your mix to add colour. Be careful when doing this on your mastering as most of the time it'll just sound distorted but used wisely and it can go a long way.
  92. When using vocals make sure that they are in the same key as the rest of track. Common sense but some of you itching to get started to make that #1 hit track might over look this so watch out when when sampling those vocals.
  93. When writing a build up or drop, try stripping away all of the main elements of the track in the last 1/8 of the bar to create a little suspense and the drop/build up will sound 'bigger'. 
  94. You can use Logic and Ableton to edit Quick Time Movies so take this into account if you want to sample those wicked rainforest noises from your favourite wildlife documentary or if you want to sample audio from your favourite movie.
  95. When programming in drum patterns try changing the velocity of the hits to make them sound more human. Try doing this with midi notes, they'll sound less square too.
  96. Use the recorder on your phone to record melodies that pop into your head. Don't be afraid of humming or singing them ion your phone - you never know when inspiration will strike! 
  97. Use major chords to evoke happy emotions while minor chords can be used to evoke sad emotions.
  98. It took me years to figure this one out: There are no secrets to making music. It might seem like your mixes sound flat, your music might sound uninspiring and you might think that you'll never make a release quality track. But the key is hard work, patience and persistence. Be willing to make mistakes and embrace learning. There is no perfect way of producing/composing music. Keep pushing yourself, have motivation and do it for the love of music and you can't go far wrong. You'll get there eventually and the journey will be well worth it.     
  99. You make the music, your gear doesn't make the music. You can go and invest in a top of the range studio but that doesn't mean you'll produce top quality music. A top quality producer can still produce top quality music on the most modest's of set ups. Learn your craft, develop an understanding of music theory, acoustics, mixing techniques, understand and appreciate other genres of music, learn how to use your set up and the rest will follow. You'll soon be king of your studio.
  100. There are no rules. Good music is all that matters right? what you use, how long it takes and how you get to the holy grail of a release quality track is up to you. People dancing in the club don't care where the track came from, they care how good it is - this is what you are judged on. It's thickle but focus on a great sound and a great production and that is all that matters. Simples.       
  101. Have patience. Practice makes perfect and just because you know how to use Logic with Ableton as a re-wire slave, doesn't mean your going to become the next big thing overnight.
All the best! 

Joey :)

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Joey Martinez Kick Drums

Hey Guys!

Here are 10 of my favourite kick drums ready for you to download for FREE!

Can't find the right kick drum for your music productions or do you just want to build your kick drum sample library?... Well here are 10 kick drums for you to download now.

There are no excuses.... download these kick drums from my SoundCloud & get started now!!!!!

Joey Martinez KICKDRUMS

Joey Martinez Kick Drum                 DJ Joey Martinez KICK DRUM 


Friday, 18 October 2013

These Gods Will Fall


I am very excited to announce that my Remix of Marc Vedo, Boy George, Federico Scavo and John Gibbons is out now & available to download at Beatport as a BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE!

These Gods Will Fall - Joey Martinez Mix Beatport Exclusive

I am very blessed to be part of this release and I am forever grateful to Alex Kenji & The Hotfingers Team in giving me the opportunity to remix this song and to work alongside great names and some of the biggest guys in the house music scene at the moment... So Thank You Alex Kenji & Hotfingers... You have made me very happy! & Thank you to everyone who supports and buys my music!

These Gods Will Fall - Joey Martinez Mix (Joey Martinez Music Channel)

These Gods Will Fall - Joey Martnez Mix (Hotfingers Records Youtube Channel)

Marc Vedo & Federico Scavo feat. Boy George & John Gibbons - These Gods Will Fall (Original) Music Video

Monday, 30 September 2013


Hi Guys!

Hope you are well! Joey Martinez Mashup

Here is the download link to my new Daft Punk Bootleg & no... It's not a Get Lucky Mashup ;)

It's a French House track that I made myself with a twist of Daft Punk. Joey Martinez Daft Punk Mash up

128 bpm so it's perfect for those party raves where it's going right off! Joey Martinez free Bootleg

Here is the download link

Have a listen, download and please comment if you like :) Joey Martinez Harder & Better Mashup

I'm giving away a free download just for you beautiful people :) Joey Martinez Free Download

ENJOY & keep smashing those dance floors :)

DOWNLOAD HERE!!!!!! Joey Martinez - Harder & Better (Daft Punk Bootleg) free download

Friday, 6 September 2013

How to become a Superstar DJ

How to become a Superstar DJ 

This tutorial will show you how to become a Superstar DJ and an instant success over night using the biggest EDM tracks from Beatport.


EDM music

how to become a superstar DJ

how to DJ with ableton

Joey Martinez

DJ Joey Martinez

how to be a superstar DJ

how to become a super star dj 

Saturday, 24 August 2013


Rezonation Music's latest release comes from New Orleans based Kerri Louis.
"I Feel" is a seriously Deep & Dark Sexy groover that has an infectious melody complemented by some amazing vocals that creates a fantastic hypnotic vibe.
Reza supplies some more Tech House edged remixes to work the bigger floors.

remixed by Reza

Tuesday, 30 July 2013


So there are a lot of people divided in this 'scene' at the moment. EDM is the first thing that comes to mind....

EDM has never been a genre and never will. As far as I am concerned EDM means Electronic Dance Music so this is a HUGE term to put everything underneath this umbrella.

Unless you record every single instrument live (which I'm sure there are plenty of bands/artists that  do...) then the use of a DAW is going to form part of your music production so therefore your music can be called Electronic music. Now I'm just using the mind of 'Random Joe Music Listener' anything of 115 bpm is classed as 'Dance' music. I know it is not the case and I'm sure you know that it would not be the case either.
Like 'EDM', 'Dance Music' is not a genre its just a term but with the use of good marketing and brain washing to the random music listener who does not know any better it becomes a genre.

A genre that integrates House, Trance, D&B, Dubstep, Gabba Rave, Speed Garage, UKG, Moombahton, Techno and any other form of music that one might dance to on a dancefloor in a club (it is not called dance music for no reason!)

I'm a purest so I do not recognise Dance music as a genre but only as an umbrella and I only use the term whenI explain to somebody what I do. The conversation usually goes like this....
Them, "So what are you up to tonight then?"
Me, "Making some dance music" When I really mean "I'm making some mainroom house music that will heavily influenced by the likes of Alex Kenji, Erick Morillo and Laidback Luke".
I hate using the word.
I know it's my job role as a devoted DJ (it's a lifestyle not a career!) to educate people about music and especially house music but 9 times out of 10 they have been brainwashed that much and they have listened to that many "Now That's what I call Dance Music Vol.76" albums that there brain is too far gone to accept that there are sub genres of Dance Music. Fairplay to them I say....

Anywho it brings me on to my main point the term EDM is being bashed about so much these days it's difficult to know if it's Trance or House music or whatever else the kids are making these days...

I know it's not a genre as I have said but the following link sort of makes me believe that this is EDM is becoming a genre and soon all the kids will be playing EDM and turning up at a Frankie Knuckles or David Morales gig expecting to hear this kind of sound ...
This is a 58 sec clip of tracks that have featured in the Beatport Top 100... Fairplay to all the artists and people who have supported the tracks!

But if EDM is not a genre then why do all these sound the same?... Why could this mix of 16 songs nearly be 1 song?....

I'm not knocking the people at Beatport or the artists featured here. This mix was probably made for a bit of fun and tongue in cheek action and no offence was meant at all and I bet it was a marketing trick too. Very clever. Very shrewd way to increase followers, listens, plays etc don't you think?....

But all these sound the same and for some reason the Kids love it. It's not Beatport's fault what the kids buy or play & at the end of the day they have a business to run and a crust to earn just like the rest of us but do you know who is buying this music? The kids who think that EDM is a genre... The kids who think that this is what a DJ should play straight for 2/3/6/8 hours.

Now I have never asked for my money back at the end of gig and touch wood I hope that I don't ever have to but if I went to see a DJ play and it sounded like that 58 sec clip... I'd want my money back. To be able to sum up a whole set in 58secs must be some crappy set!

The kids need educating - this is not a genre. It's not cool for a set to sound the same.
With every track that I produce I try something different and try to sound different from my last track because I want to challenge the listen, I do not want to get stuck in a rut, I love all sorts of house music and I try and recreate my passion in my music (excuse the cliche!)

However I genuinely believe that if the kids were educated properly the Beatport Top 100 would sound a lot more diverse. I do not blame Beatport at all, I blame the record labels. They are the ones selecting and releasing the music right? DON'T SOUND LIKE EACH OTHER! BE DIFFERENT!
But who am I to say. I might be wrong. Maybe the kids don't need educating at all. Maybe I do.

All I know is that someone, somewhere is making a lot of money from 'EDM' whatever that is. And it sure as hell ain't me!

Maybe I need to start making 'EDM'.....

Track list:

1. Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike – Wakanda (Original Mix) [Intro]
2. Alvaro & Moti – NaNaNa (Original Mix)
3. Pyero – Genesis (Original Mix)
4. Chuckie, Dzeko & Torres – Down To This (Original Mix)
5. Makj – Springen (Original Mix)
6. Sini – Razz (Original Mix)
7. Pelari – Cango (Original Mix)
8. Krewella – Alive (Hardwell Remix)
9. Shermanology – The Only Way (Original Mix)
10. W&W – Thunder (Original Mix)
11. Gta, Henrix & Digital Lab – Hit It! (Original Mix)
12. Sultan, Ned Shepard, Fedde Le Grand – No Good (Extended Mix)
13. Henrix, Wayne & Woods – Jumangee (Original Mix) [Tiesto Club Life Rip]
14. Alvaro & Mercer feat. Lil Jon – Welcome To The Jungle (Original Mix)
15. Klauss Goulart & Mark Sixma – Rio (Original Mix)
16. Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike – Wakanda (Original Mix) [Outro]

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Joey Martinez Beatport Top 100      what is wrong with the beatport top 100?

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Casa Grande + Remixes

Today I'm very glad to announce my newest house music track called Casa Grande is out to download now.

This tribal tech house latino infused beauty was featured on The Rezonation Music WMC 2013 sampler which received massive support from some of the worlds top DJs including: Rio Dela Duna, Stonebridge, Oliver Lang... ( the list of top DJs could go on and on)!

I'm very proud to announce my collaboration with the ridiculously talented Reza (Rezonation Music head honcho) on this summer terrace track.

Casa Grande has been remixed by the top guys: DJ Fist & Acid DJ, Shane Long & Kane Harris. They have certainly worked their magic and help to create a release that I am really proud of. This techy number will surely be slammin' the terraces around Ibiza 2013.

DOWNLOAD the release Exclusively from Beatport here:

Adios Amigos x

"Next up on Rezonation we have the storming Latino edged monster that is

"Casa Grande". The original was featured on our Miami Sampler and picked up

great support. Now complete with remixes by DJ Fist & Acid DJ and Shane

Long & Kane Harris this looks set to be a certain summer smash!"

House Music       Joey Martinez       DJ Joey Martinez       Reza       House Music      Joey Martinez Music       Casa Grande     Beatport      Tribal House          Tech House         Beatport Exclusive  

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

10 Quick Music Production Tips

10 Quick Music Production Tips

Here are 10 Quick Music Production tips by me, Joey Martinez.

I had this idea right? I had this idea to share some quick producer tips with you all and I thought yeah that will make me popular and people will be like, "Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us, Wise One...." And then I realised everyone who seems to be making music has become some sort of teacher or music producer Guru which makes me feel like I wasted 3 Years at Uni studying Music Technology was wasted hahaha.
These are quite vague because it's only text however I do aim to get some tutorials upon The Tube soon but hopefully these can help you when making beats in the meantime ;) 

1.) Stay out the red! Self explanatory really, whats out for clipping else your music will sound all nastey and distorted.

2.) Roll off the low end frequencies (40-100 Hz) of your bass. You'll still feel them but these frequencies will not be muddying up the mix nor will your track sound too bassy on a large system (hopefully in a club).

3.)  Don't be afraid to use samples. By all means chop them up, reverse them, side-chain them, pan them, mash them up (what ever that means), do what you want with them and be creative - just don't be afraid to use them.... how else are you going to fill that space between the kick and bass? Plus producers get paid good dosh to make sample packs so well worth using them.

4.) Get somebody else's advice/feedback on your track. You'll be surprised by what a fresh set of ears can hear. Feedback is the breakfast of champions too ;)

5.) Take breaks from the Studio (bedroom set up/laptop/music station etc....). See above. Leave it a day or two after you have finished a track and go back to it with fresh ears. Your ears get tired like your body does at the gym and when you go back to your track after not hearing for a while you'll pick up on sounds that were not there before and you might surprise yourself too - it might sound better ;)

6.) Have fun. You love music right? Your making music because you love music not because you hate it. It should not be a chore. If its becoming a chore - STOP! You won't be getting the right results until you have fun! Trust me - when I'm making websites, videos etc and making music, I don't enjoy it because I'm bored with making websites and messing about with HTML code, the ideas don't flow and it's all because I am not in the right mind set. 

7.) Listen to other music. Listening to other music and especially from other genres soothes my soul and gives me great inspiration. Sometimes I hear 30 secs of a song and that is enough to make me stop what I'm doing and launch up Ableton. 

8.) Create your own sound. Sounds obvious right? Just google 'How to Sound like.... SHM or Nicky Romero or Hardwell etc" These people have their sound. Hardwell sounds like Hardwell because he is Hardwell and so on. Part of the reason why the Swedish House Mafia were so successfully was because they created their own sound. Nobody else did it. By all means research how to make the typically SHM synth but try not re-write one of their tracks like I say as that sound has been done and why would you want to sound like someone else? Be your own sound

9.) Use a frequency analyser. It'll show you an visual picture if you like of the overall sound of your track. A good frequency analyser will show you nasty frequencies that the human ear cannot hear but will become present on a larger system i.e club speakers so then you'll be able cut these frequencies out.

10.) Last but not least. If you are tempted to turn up the monitors. Turn them down. Your ears will thank you later.

These are just a few music production techniques and are quite self explanatory but if there is anything that you do not understand or would like more info on please get in touch with me and I'll be happy to help.

I check my emails everyday:

I'm quite active on Facebook: DJ Joey Martinez

And I have the Twitter App on my phone too: @DJJoeyMartinez

Also please let me know if there is anything that you would like to learn and I'll break it down as much as I can, simplify it and make it fun to understand. 

Also my new track titled "Part of A Movement" is out now and available to download from the best music download sites in the world.



Monday, 24 June 2013

Part of A Movement

My second release on the Spanish based label run by JJ Mullor 'Part of A Movement' is out Wednesday 26th June, 2013.

Includes vocal and Instrumental version.

Available to download from all good music websites....

Support the artist. Support the industry.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Random Thought....

I know I don't take advantage and make use of this wonderful free blog service as much as I should. Mostly because I think 'erghh who will want to know what I'm thinking?"
But after thinking about what Twitter is and what it does I thought I should do this more.
And there is no character limit here either. So from now I shall be using this as a Twogger (I'll be merging my posts that I would put on Twitter and putting them on here and sometimes elaborating more).

So here is one for you. One tiny thought, that I think about and that troubles me.

DJs/Producers/Sound engineers may agree with me on this, when it comes to making music - for me I find the most difficult part when arranging a song is the transitions between build up and break down and vice versa. Now I'm not showing off here but I think the most simplest of minds can create a 4/8/16 bar musically loop but to create a 6 min track and successful blend an intro/breakdown/build up/ breakdown/outro successfully is a skill. 

Getting the right amount of white noise, the right amount of snare hits, thinking do you/don't you create a drumroll with those kick drums so it sounds like a cheesey 90s hit, zaps/no zaps. I'm always thinking am I using too many effects - could this be the new film score for star wars or will people get that i making 'progressive house?'

I think creating the transitions between parts of the track is the most difficult part. You have to make that what is coming next doesn't confuse the listener and that it remains at the same level. You have weld music together - it really is engineering.

Sure, you can say that a DJ does that when he seamlessly mixes to music together but we have technology now that can beat match for you. A sad but true fact. (I can hear the shouts at the back "Bring Back Vinyl", *tapping my chest* "I'm with you brother!") Any who I digress.....

But we don't have software that creates transitions in music do we?

So there you go, you have just learned something about me. The most challenging part about making music, for me, is creating those transitions so that the music makes sense.

I have lost count at how many time I have started a track and not finished it because it doesn't flow well and because the transitions aren't right.

Maybe I should make minimal techno where the elements don't change much and not much happens and everything just rolls?......