Monday, 7 May 2012

We haven't got over MySpace

Today I refer you to a piece Grammy nominated, DJ, Producer, remixer and one half of Duck Sauce, A-Trak wrote.

Here A-Trak bangs the nail on the head. There is a massive gap left in the market since the fall of MySpace.

I think the 'death' of MySpace has been backwards progress for musicians and artsists.

It's 2012 and as an upcoming House Music DJ and Producer I use a combination of several social networking sites. I use SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote myself online and to help improve and increase my profile. Sadly I do not use MySpace but if you look hard enough you'll find that I do have an account set up but one that is hardly touched. You may also notice that I use a variety of SEO techniques and a few other tools to help boost me up the Search Engine Ranking and to help get me around in Cyber Space, however I believe had this been several years ago back in the hayday of MySpace all of this would be unneccessary. I spend an awful lot of time on the internet managing and updating my content which explains the rarity in blog posts here.

I'm not a a professional DJ/Producer yet... however I do strongly believe that the more prolific you are online reaps its rewards offline so the little time that I do have, not working full time, is spent between producing, practising my DJ skills and being active online. So this may be an argument for all the different internet tools available - it may seperate the amateurs from the professionals (in terms of number of tweets, plays, comments etc) but is it all neccessary?

Using all of these different sites can get tiring, well it is for me.

If MySpace had not died, imagine all of the free time we would have?

Now I know supporters of SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube may be against me on this one. I'm not saying that SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube and the rest aren't good - far from it, I believe they are essential to promote yourself if you are not already established.

But what SoundCloud can do, MySpace did. What Facebook does MySpace did. What YouTube can do MySpace did. What Twitter does, MySpace did. What my website does, well you guessed it.

Progress should suggest. that instead of using all of these sites that you combine them to make one big site... Well there was... It was called MySpace and it died.

I do miss MySpace and I'm with A-Trak on this, I want MySpace to come back or there to be another site that has eveything. One that gives me more time and one that isn't so confusing.

Well, I'm off to share the same information on 5 different websites when I could be doing on just one.

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