Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Random Thought....

I know I don't take advantage and make use of this wonderful free blog service as much as I should. Mostly because I think 'erghh who will want to know what I'm thinking?"
But after thinking about what Twitter is and what it does I thought I should do this more.
And there is no character limit here either. So from now I shall be using this as a Twogger (I'll be merging my posts that I would put on Twitter and putting them on here and sometimes elaborating more).

So here is one for you. One tiny thought, that I think about and that troubles me.

DJs/Producers/Sound engineers may agree with me on this, when it comes to making music - for me I find the most difficult part when arranging a song is the transitions between build up and break down and vice versa. Now I'm not showing off here but I think the most simplest of minds can create a 4/8/16 bar musically loop but to create a 6 min track and successful blend an intro/breakdown/build up/ breakdown/outro successfully is a skill. 

Getting the right amount of white noise, the right amount of snare hits, thinking do you/don't you create a drumroll with those kick drums so it sounds like a cheesey 90s hit, zaps/no zaps. I'm always thinking am I using too many effects - could this be the new film score for star wars or will people get that i making 'progressive house?'

I think creating the transitions between parts of the track is the most difficult part. You have to make that what is coming next doesn't confuse the listener and that it remains at the same level. You have weld music together - it really is engineering.

Sure, you can say that a DJ does that when he seamlessly mixes to music together but we have technology now that can beat match for you. A sad but true fact. (I can hear the shouts at the back "Bring Back Vinyl", *tapping my chest* "I'm with you brother!") Any who I digress.....

But we don't have software that creates transitions in music do we?

So there you go, you have just learned something about me. The most challenging part about making music, for me, is creating those transitions so that the music makes sense.

I have lost count at how many time I have started a track and not finished it because it doesn't flow well and because the transitions aren't right.

Maybe I should make minimal techno where the elements don't change much and not much happens and everything just rolls?......

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