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So there are a lot of people divided in this 'scene' at the moment. EDM is the first thing that comes to mind....

EDM has never been a genre and never will. As far as I am concerned EDM means Electronic Dance Music so this is a HUGE term to put everything underneath this umbrella.

Unless you record every single instrument live (which I'm sure there are plenty of bands/artists that  do...) then the use of a DAW is going to form part of your music production so therefore your music can be called Electronic music. Now I'm just using the mind of 'Random Joe Music Listener' anything of 115 bpm is classed as 'Dance' music. I know it is not the case and I'm sure you know that it would not be the case either.
Like 'EDM', 'Dance Music' is not a genre its just a term but with the use of good marketing and brain washing to the random music listener who does not know any better it becomes a genre.

A genre that integrates House, Trance, D&B, Dubstep, Gabba Rave, Speed Garage, UKG, Moombahton, Techno and any other form of music that one might dance to on a dancefloor in a club (it is not called dance music for no reason!)

I'm a purest so I do not recognise Dance music as a genre but only as an umbrella and I only use the term whenI explain to somebody what I do. The conversation usually goes like this....
Them, "So what are you up to tonight then?"
Me, "Making some dance music" When I really mean "I'm making some mainroom house music that will heavily influenced by the likes of Alex Kenji, Erick Morillo and Laidback Luke".
I hate using the word.
I know it's my job role as a devoted DJ (it's a lifestyle not a career!) to educate people about music and especially house music but 9 times out of 10 they have been brainwashed that much and they have listened to that many "Now That's what I call Dance Music Vol.76" albums that there brain is too far gone to accept that there are sub genres of Dance Music. Fairplay to them I say....

Anywho it brings me on to my main point the term EDM is being bashed about so much these days it's difficult to know if it's Trance or House music or whatever else the kids are making these days...

I know it's not a genre as I have said but the following link sort of makes me believe that this is EDM is becoming a genre and soon all the kids will be playing EDM and turning up at a Frankie Knuckles or David Morales gig expecting to hear this kind of sound ...
This is a 58 sec clip of tracks that have featured in the Beatport Top 100... Fairplay to all the artists and people who have supported the tracks!

But if EDM is not a genre then why do all these sound the same?... Why could this mix of 16 songs nearly be 1 song?....

I'm not knocking the people at Beatport or the artists featured here. This mix was probably made for a bit of fun and tongue in cheek action and no offence was meant at all and I bet it was a marketing trick too. Very clever. Very shrewd way to increase followers, listens, plays etc don't you think?....

But all these sound the same and for some reason the Kids love it. It's not Beatport's fault what the kids buy or play & at the end of the day they have a business to run and a crust to earn just like the rest of us but do you know who is buying this music? The kids who think that EDM is a genre... The kids who think that this is what a DJ should play straight for 2/3/6/8 hours.

Now I have never asked for my money back at the end of gig and touch wood I hope that I don't ever have to but if I went to see a DJ play and it sounded like that 58 sec clip... I'd want my money back. To be able to sum up a whole set in 58secs must be some crappy set!

The kids need educating - this is not a genre. It's not cool for a set to sound the same.
With every track that I produce I try something different and try to sound different from my last track because I want to challenge the listen, I do not want to get stuck in a rut, I love all sorts of house music and I try and recreate my passion in my music (excuse the cliche!)

However I genuinely believe that if the kids were educated properly the Beatport Top 100 would sound a lot more diverse. I do not blame Beatport at all, I blame the record labels. They are the ones selecting and releasing the music right? DON'T SOUND LIKE EACH OTHER! BE DIFFERENT!
But who am I to say. I might be wrong. Maybe the kids don't need educating at all. Maybe I do.

All I know is that someone, somewhere is making a lot of money from 'EDM' whatever that is. And it sure as hell ain't me!

Maybe I need to start making 'EDM'.....

Track list:

1. Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike – Wakanda (Original Mix) [Intro]
2. Alvaro & Moti – NaNaNa (Original Mix)
3. Pyero – Genesis (Original Mix)
4. Chuckie, Dzeko & Torres – Down To This (Original Mix)
5. Makj – Springen (Original Mix)
6. Sini – Razz (Original Mix)
7. Pelari – Cango (Original Mix)
8. Krewella – Alive (Hardwell Remix)
9. Shermanology – The Only Way (Original Mix)
10. W&W – Thunder (Original Mix)
11. Gta, Henrix & Digital Lab – Hit It! (Original Mix)
12. Sultan, Ned Shepard, Fedde Le Grand – No Good (Extended Mix)
13. Henrix, Wayne & Woods – Jumangee (Original Mix) [Tiesto Club Life Rip]
14. Alvaro & Mercer feat. Lil Jon – Welcome To The Jungle (Original Mix)
15. Klauss Goulart & Mark Sixma – Rio (Original Mix)
16. Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike – Wakanda (Original Mix) [Outro]

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