Monday, 30 December 2013

Good bye 2013, Hello 2014.

Well, well , well. Here we are again. Another year has past and we are all that little bit older and just that little bit more wiser.

What a year it has been, it has flown by though don't you think?

This year I was lucky enough and very fortunate enough to make it to The Miami WInter Music Conference. What an experience that was! 10 days of straight up raving that I will never forget. It was actually a dream come true to be out there and for 10 days straight I can honestly say that 'I lived the dream'.

Amazing Times.

Enjoying the Sun on Nikki Beach 
Size matters Pool Party at Fontainebleau 

Three Kings of House
Raving on a Sky Scrapper!

Nikki Beach at night
Inside the club at Nikki Beach

Electric Splash Pool Party
2gether Surfcomber Pool Party 
Yours Truly, Living the Dream!
Sunset at Electric Splash

On reflection
What an amazing year it has been for me with regards to my music Career! This was the year that I spawned The Deeper & Darker pseudonym of Kerri Louis. I was very fortunate to be given the opportunity to Remix Marc Vedo, Boy George & Federico Scavo -  These Gods Will Fall on Hotfingers. This put me up there with some big boys! Definitely a highlight for me!
There is loads more music in the pipeline coming from both pseudonym's, so if you are fan watch out!

There is a forthcoming track on Koolwaters from Kerri Louis called "Freedom"

And already confirmed for Panache Records based in London, I will be releasing a huge track called "Rebound".

Can't wait for either and I'm looking forward to more gigs and more of my music to be released in 2014!
Onwards and upwards!

Top 10 Tracks of 2014
Here are my favourite records of 2014, I hope you enjoy :)

#10 The 1975 - Chocolate (Jonas LR Remix)
Discovering The 1975 this year and seeing them live at Hyde Park supporting The Rolling Stones and at their own gig at The Institute has to be up their as a highlight for me this year! Great Young Band! Great music and I enjoyed listening to their debut album a lot too. I particularly like this remix and I'm putting this in my top 10 because I've heard a lot of people down talking House Music production techniques lately and saying that it's getting boring now etc etc and that not much has moved on since it all started. Well I say "take a listen to this and tell me it's boring!" Jonas LR has done a great job to create a fresh sound which combines the sounds of the modern scene.

# 9 Cedric gervais - Sumertime Sadness
I can just here all the boos going against me… Cheese! EDM! Commercial Pop! Radio Trash! etc etc
blah blah blah
So what?! Yeah OK 99% of the stuff released on Spinnin' Records is 'ghost' engineered EDM tosh but this track brings back so many memories for me from Miami WMC 13 and is that not what music is meant to do? For me this track evokes emotion and I can't help it! I heard it several times while out
partying in Miami and it's just stuck with me and plus I like Lana Del Rey's voice too ;)

#8 Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful (Serge Devant Remix)
What a beautiful take on this track. Could almost be a track by itself if you didn't know any different. Serge Devant uses the luscious vocals well and creates a stunning, deep and moving remix which almost reminds of the 'Makin Moves' pool party back in March.

#7 Jose Nunez & Antranig - Check This Out
Straight up house music is rarity I find these days and this is nothing more, nothing less. House Music. No sub genres. It is what it is and it's superb!

#6 Ruben Brundell & Leav - Told You
Ruben Brundell is one of my favourite producers at the minute and 12-3 Recordings are consistently releasing top quality house music. From Sweden, I believe that this guy is The 'Real' Swedish House Mafia. No Cheese ;) Great Music and my favourite track from him this year! Can't wait to here more music coming from him and his label :)

#5 Tom Flynn - My Hut
If this track doesn't want to make you dance then where is your soul? Great Track! Gotta Love
P.Diddy's vocals in this track too - such a catchy track!

#4 Satin Jackets - You Make Me Feel Good
Excuse the pun but this track makes me feel good. It's a goose bump track that just puts me in a good mood every time I hear it. reminds me of the lovely summer we had this year too so deserves some credit for that reason alone! Top Stuff

#3 Chris Malinchak - So Good To Me
Now I know it can be argued that this track came about in 2012 if you really want to get serious about things but was released in 2013….
As discussed great track. It's a hands in the air track for sure. If I have one regret about this year then it's choosing to go to The 3 Kings of House Pool party with David Morales, Louis Vega & Tony Humphries instead of going to the It's All Gone Pete Tong Pool Party with Chris Malinchak et al because I would of loved to of heard this track soooo much there and then but ah well… 1st World Problems ay?
#2 Kerri Louis - Together
2013 saw the birth of my deep house creation "Kerri Louis". When I make stuff under the Joey Martinez name I feel free. I make music that I want to make. Now I'm not saying that I don't have the freedom to do what I want under the "Kerri Louis" name either but I I feel under the "Kerri Louis" name I can intentionally be artistic, it gives me room to express that more emotional side of music that I feel I can't do under the Joey Martinez name as I feel that anything produced under 126 for Joey Martinez just doesn't make sense.
However I digress, this track really means a lot to me and I'm proud to call it one of my own - albeit under another name ;) Nonetheless I still think it's a good track

#1 Houseessence - Love Me
Wow! Well this was certainly a late entry to my chart. But I could not resist, it had to go in at number 1.  The vocals, the baseline, the strings, everything about this track is great. Another track that gets the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end and does do every time I listen to it. A really powerful and emotional track.

Well that's it for 2013 guys. I hope you enjoy my chart. I look forward to providing you all with new music next year and thank you all for your support.
Whatever you do for New Years Eve, rave safe and have a bloody good one!
Here's to 2014, onto bigger and better things, onwards and upwards!
Lets's Go!!!!!!!!!!!!

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