Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Erick Morillo's 5 Minute Mini Mix

On the drive home from work, last Friday, I was reminded by Pete Tong to Listen Again to Erick Morillo's 5 Minute Mini Mix from Annie Macs radio show. Totally forgetting that he did a Mini mix for Annie Mac, I got a little excited and I could not wait to get back and listen. But maybe I got too excited.
After I 'listened again' I was disappointed. But I'm not trying to take anything away our Erick. I just feel that the mix lacked that pizazz that a mini mix should have, I feel it didn't have the energy to make me want to go raving - which was a shame because I love Erick Morillo. He never ceases to amaze me and I think he is one of the greatest DJs ever!
I know he's a busy man and he's far too important and probably worth too much money to revel in the honour of producing a mini mix for Annie Mac and her radio show and to be honest I doubt it was even him who produced the mix. And if it was, he probably produced it in the air flying around in his private jet.
I wanted to hear the energy that Erick Morillo puts in his sets. I wanted to be teased into going raving. I wanted the mix to make me cry because I wasn't in Ibiza. I wanted to the mix to make me want search the Internet for cheap flights to Ibiza but it didn't. It  just seemed like there was 8 bar clips of Ibiza 'classics' chop up and pasted together without anybody actually listening to the end product . Like I say it lacked the energy.
Erick Morillo - BBC Radio 1 Ibiza Classics Mini Mix by Subliminal Records

Ah well never mind.... I still love you Erick!

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