Tuesday, 16 August 2011

What the Blog is really about...

From time to time you might get a glimpse at what's going on in my world, what my thoughts are about a particular related subject and I might share something with you that I think you might find interesting but hopefully this particular post will give you a taster about what this blog really is about.

It's about promoting Unsigned  Dance Music and Independent Artists. Yes I know the word 'Dance Music' is an umbrella for a lot of genres but I'm not prejudice. I welcome all types of music. See me as an eclectic but with a preference. To be honest and without sounding too cheesy I just want to share music with people and I just want to make people dance, and that's it. In whatever way I can, I will try to do that.

Joss Holmes, The mastermind behind Jagos Productions, is a good friend of this Blog and I idolise what he's doing right now.
Checkout his SoundCloud to get an understanding why I can't get enough of his music.
Latest tracks by Jagosproductions

Check out his latest REMIX It's available to buy now on Bandcamp for the masses

Well worth supporting!

Remember to catch him on Passion Radio 1900 -2100 GMT every Tuesday.

Internet radio is something that I'm going to look into in the future...

With regards to the Producers out there here's something you might want to get your teeth stuck into...

This is a perfect opportunity to flex those remixing skills

Sholanda is looking for amateur and pro remixers alike to help with a dance track currently at http://www.ratethisrecord.com/
Take a listen. 
I'm sure there will be some weird and wonderful results from this.

As I will always be looking at ways of not only promoting my music but I will always be on the look out for ways to promote other peoples music. Here's a new website that can be used as another channel to promote your music, it's another platform and it's another way of getting your music out there to the masses.

Visit www.musicfast.com/

As a new artist, you can be sure your music will be hears. You will start out right away as being featured in the "New Artist Category" and will be placed in the front page rotation. This is a great opportunity to promote your music on a website that isn't cluttered with other groups, yet is poised for growth - what have you got to lose?

Today's post is short and sweet but hopefully you get the idea of what I'm trying to do and what this Blog is about.

Get in contact with me, I'm quite friendly!

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But if you can't be doing with the social networking thing simply just drop me an e-mail at:

But like everyone else with an e-mail address I am prone to the odd bit off Spam so please, please make sure if you're sending me links to your music, you have a sensible title to the email else it'll probably end up in the junk bin with Viagra ads and e-mails from people with unpronounceable names from Nigeria, who claim to know me.

I look forward to hearing and sharing all of your music!

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