Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Promote Your Music in 4 Simple Steps!

How to Promote Your Music in 4 Simple Steps
This is just a basic guide of how to promote unsigned dance music online. I am currently writing a step by step guide on how to promote your music (properly) but here are Four Simple ways of promoting your music online. It's quick and It's easy to promote your music.
Step 1) Upload your music to SoundCloud

Step 2) Upload your music via YouTube 

Step 3) Create a Facebook page for your Band/Artist

Step 4) Send me your music via YouTube, SoundCloud, Facebook or Twitter and get it promoted right here in my Blog!
I am not here to steal music. I will not claim ownership of any music that is not mine. All rights will go to the deserved owners of the music.  Mentions of any other relevant links, music, future work can also be promoted.

Follow these simple steps for success NOW!

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