Monday, 3 October 2011

Will moombahton be as popular as dubstep?

Just a random thought.... I discovered Moombahton early this year and whilst I had a fascination for Dutch house at the time, this genre blew my mind. It was soo fresh and I was blown away. 'Finally' I thought ' Another genre of music, to fall in love with'. And boy do I love it. As a DJ it's not something that I am going to play out just yet - I think it's too young as a genre for the masses to understand. I think it's only going to take somebody like 'Chase and Status' to jump on the commercial band wagon. It's certainly going to happen and it's only a matter of time before we hear the first Moombahton record to hit the charts - Watch This Space! I never thought we would hear Dubstep hit the UK Top 10 like it has done....

Now I know both genres of music are at different ends of the spectrum but they are both mutants of sub genres of music. I wonder what will come next? maybe a fusion of both?... (Now that's an idea for the studio).
Both fascinate me and are inventions and evolutions that I think we'll look back on with pride in years to come, in the same way the generation of the late 80's and early 90s look back on with pride when house was born.
Dubstep has well and truly been embraced - there is no doubting it. You just have to look at the recent back catalogue of compilations that have pumped the chart and there is an endless list of Dubstep Albums. But while Dubstep is still enjoying it's growth stage in the product life cycle, I think Moombahton will sneak under the commercial radar and remain an underground genre for a long time to come. Maybe it'll fade away and a new mutant will be born that will make us forget and Dubstep and the genres that conceived it. But I like Moombahton and I can't wait to go to my first Moombahton rave so deep down I hope it avoids the commercial attention, I want it to remain exclusive and I don't want to hear Moombahton tremble from a Chavs car, like I do with Dubstep. I must say Moombahton is a lovely mutant and that's why I don't want it to become a commercial success. However I don't think I will love a mutant as much as I love House. It mutated from Disco and now it has many offspring. It has a large family that just keeps on growing. Mutant is such an ugly word. But I think it's a good word to use when describing music that evolves. House music is the most beautiful Mutant of them all.

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