Monday, 2 January 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and all the best for 2012 Folks!

After a hectic December I was unable to start, let alone finish, a Christmas track as I stated that I would in the last post... I failed. Epically. However as New Year traditions go, I have set my own Resolutions. Some will be hard for me to keep and I hope some will stick and help improve my life.
One of my resolutions to up date this blog more.
This year I will blog more often and share more music. Starting today I bring you some lovely music to kick off 2012.

After a week or so enjoy the festive season I neglected my emails and today I opened my inbox ( to find some amazing gems in there.

Here is what I found. Enjoy the following: - Electro House Banger courtesy of Hoi! and LU10 Records.

There is more Free music to download from LU10's SoundCloud Check it out, all in all there is a total of 71 tracks to download and own! They are sure to tickle your ear drums if you're partial to a bit of Bass and dubstep sounds! Amazing Stuff!

You can have the following tracks for free once you have left feedback, I think that sounds like a fair deal.

Toubkal Records present one of their latest releases, Sums - Junkie EP.

This release  has been supported by the following artists: Timofey, Phonk d'or, Victor da House,Jody Wisternoff, Rob Roar and Denis The Menace to name but a few.

The following release was designed and engineered to hit the Dancefloors. Again leave feedback and you can get the free link

Remember if you have any demos, want any extra promotion, seeking feedback or know where to find quality unsigned dance music that must be shared. Drop me an e-mail at

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I look forward to blogging and sharing music more often in 2012!

See you soon!

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