Thursday, 9 February 2012

Just a random thought...

I tweeted earlier this evening about how I was watching a TV Music Channel and currently David Guetta is at #1 in the UK music chart with featuring Sia with 'Titanium'.

Which reminded me of this Sia Video

I think Sia has an amazing voice and love this song, even the guitar version.

And when I was watching the David Guetta & Sia music video I started to think about how many people have jumped on the 'I hate David Guetta' Bandwagon.

I started thinking 'Yeah sure he has made cringe worthy collaborations with the Black Eyed Peas but are people hating on his music and how it sounds or are they jealous of his success?'

I saw David Guetta when he made his debut in Birmingham, UK. He DJ'ed at the nightclub Air. It was a Godskitchen event and I'm pretty sure Funkagenda warmed up for him... I also remember Miss Moneypenny's hosted the back room too. It was one of my first raves and I fell in love with the whole rave culture and rave scene. I'd been to a few raves before this time but I was more sober at this event and I was just happy to be there. The fact that I may have been under age at the other raves may have over-powered the buzz of seeing a few big name DJs but when I saw David Guetta I was legal to be in the club so the buzz and excitement of being under age wasn't there.

I remember the night very clearly, I remember being up close to the DJ box. I was standing on the stairs over looking the DJ box, standing the other side of the wall, I was next to the lightening technician for most of the night, who also thought that he was an international superstar DJ.

David Guetta saw me having a good time and he signed my flyer and till this day its rests above my bed. You may think it's a sad souvenir but for me it's a keep sake, it means alot to me.

One of my all time favourite songs the Wally Lopez remix of Just a little more love

I became of fan of David Guetta when he was releasing 'The World is Mine' and 'Stay'. This music means alot to me and heavily influenced me to get into wanting to DJ and produce house music.

But as we all know recent times have seen the French Producer release music that has topped the charts.

I say hats off the man. He certainly knows how to make money. Unfortunately and regrettably Vinyl sales are not there anymore so, I think, he turned his hand to making chart music in order to make $'s or £'s as Vinyl sales fell off a cliff.

Now does anybody knock Simon Cowell for exploiting the commercial side of the music industry? No. And I don't think people should knock David Guetta. He is a DJ and producer and has achieved success that many people envy so they turn it to hate. At the end of the day it's his job. Can't knock a man for making money. There is no limit to success, the sky is the limit so, personally, I do not think he has sold out - even though I know a lot of people would disagree which is OK as we are entitled to our own opinion.

I do wish though that he would come back and make music again like the music that I first fell in love with, that would be immense.

I would love to be immersed a dance floor dancing to a David Guetta track knowing deep down that it isn't going to hit the charts and be played on the radio 24/7 but as I say it's a business and tracks in the chart and music played on the radio earns money, so I don't think that is going to happen again anytime soon.

And for the all videos on the Internet that 'apparentley' show David Guetta faking a DJ set as the CDJs appear to be switched off, I don't know what to say to them but I can honestly say that when I saw him perform live that he was actually doing and not cheating. Well I know for a fact that the CDJs were switched on, at least - I remember them flashing and being on, he looked like he was doing live anyway!

I think you can't always believe what you watch/read on the Internet but people are free to their own opinion and they are every much entitled to it.

But my opinion is that David Guetta is a business man and that he knows how to make money in the industry and he does it well.

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