Sunday, 30 December 2012

My 2012!

Well well well. I clearly remember this time about 12 months ago pledging that it will be my new years resolution to write more blog posts. I think I managed that for the first part of the year. I was writing blogs posts & sharing music, but I'll hold my hands up and say sorry - I did not quite fulfil my New Years resolution as much as I would have liked so this year I'm pledging that I'm just going to try and be a better person. Is that cheating? It's quite an easy New Years Resolution.
In all honesty I think that making New Years resolutions is  a bunch of crap. I mean how many actually work? How many people change their lives in January for it all to be back like it used come February 1st? C'mon, I mean see above!

Wow! I can't actually believe that it is NYE tomorrow, December 31st 2012! This year has been quite a year for me! If somebody had said to me last year what I was going to experience this year, I would not have believed them and probably laughed at them - I know its such a cliche saying that but I cannot even start to tell you what a journey I have had this year. Both in terms of my music ( Can't quite call it a music career just yet) and also in my personal life.

I'm sensible enough not to be hanging my dirty washing out in public and to be honest I'm not going to tell you what I've been through this year but it has certainly changed my life and this goes back to me and my New Years Resolution. I'm not starting my New Years Resolution the day after tomorrow because after all it is just another day. My New Years Resolution started back in September. Why what for a specific day to do something better - there is no better time than now!

Anywho I'm slightly digressing, this year I have lost some friends but also made new ones. I have some pretty bad luck this year but I've also lived this year - the last 3 months of this year have been awesome. It sort of balanced itself out in the end. I lost friends I thought I would never lose contact with, dealt with situations and saw things that only happen in Eastenders - again I'm not going to tell the world what is going on with my private life by blabbing it all on Facebook and Twitter. But thankfully I have had my music to hold on to. Without music I do not know where I would be and sorry again for this cliche but music has helped heal my soul through some pretty tough times this year. Sometimes it has been my only companion. Music can tell you a story. Music understands all of your emotions. Music can make you happy. Music can make you cry. Music can help you grieve. Music can give you hope. Music will always be there when you need it. Music will not share your secrets. Music will comfort. Music will tell you to start fresh. Music will make you dance. Music will make you feel good and for this I FUCKING love music.

I think it's been a good year for music. I've discovered some pretty cool music. Those of you who follow me on Twitter/Facebook will know that I've become quite fond of guitar music. I would not say that I am only into and only listen to House Music as that would be narrow minded of me and I've always had an open heart about other genres of music. I grew up listening to Hip-Hop ( I was a 50 Cent wannabe when I was 13) and I've always listened to other music. I was raised in a household where music was played everyday. I've not always listened to House Music and I haven't always loved it. But I would say that for the past 5/6 years that is all I have listened to and I've enjoyed it. However I've been to a few gigs over the past couple of months and it has really opened my eyes (and ears) and made me realise how much I have missed listening to other types of music and made me realise how much I love hearing new music. Some of the music that I have heard in the latter part of this year was recorded in 2009 but to me its new and I love it. I love hearing new music and I'm going to continue doing that in 2013, making a conscious effort to hear new music whatever the genre - it really is good for my soul. You should try it yourself and see how much your inspiration for life and for music goes through the roof.

As it gets easier and more accessible to make music it is clear that the music industry is getting more and more saturated. Some people may say that this is bad thing as it is getting harder to find good music but I believe it is a good thing. Some people (maybe I should be with this group of people) may also say that as the industry is getting too flooded with music, it is becoming harder to get noticed and create a decent profile. This is true but for me I make/play/dance to music for the love so the previous point does not matter so much to me.

I acknowledge that it is becoming saturated and harder but I don't think that it has hindered my efforts with regards to my music this year? Is that big headed of me to say that?

Well this time last year like I say I had no idea what was going to happen in 2012 and although it has been quite shitty I have achieved so much with my music and things have happened that I could have only dreamed about.

First off was the release of 'Stereocode' - wow! Released back in March and still being supported by Forza and Toolroom in December on physical format. I had a release with Hed Kandi too, that was mind blowing for me and to end the year I've had a release with Supermarket Records which has received huge support from the likes of Paul Oakenfold & Till West!
I hoped of one release this time last year, I had no expectations of being supported by some of the worlds biggest DJs! This year has surpassed all of my expectations with regards to my music I'll remain humble and modest about it because I'm just a normal guy who has a job, a normal life, and I do  this for the love of it - maybe one day baby I can call it my job!
I have quite a few releases planned for 2013 - this I am sure of! Something I would not have said this time last year so if 2012 is something to go by then I'm in for a treat in 2013 and hopefully you will be too with my music.

Here are my top 10 favourite tracks of 2012, they all have a personal meaning to me.
I hope you like my choice! What are your favourite tracks of 2012? I think it's been an excellent year for music - well for me it has anyway ;)

10. Gareth Emery feat. Christina Novelli - Concret Angel

9. Martin Volt - Melon

8. Mike Newman & Antoine Cortez (Carl Creme & Reza REMIX)

7. Calvin Harris - Sweet Nothing

6.Deniz Koyu - Bong

5. Tom Flynn - Mr Hedgehog

4. The XX - Fiction (Funkagenda REMIX)

3. The XX - Angels

2. Florence and The Machine - Spectrum (Calvin Harris REMIX)

1. Joey Martinez - Stereocode

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