Monday, 17 October 2011

Make em shake it!

I did plan to upload a October house mix today and blog all about it and post about it via Twitter and Facbook and other social networking site but I recieved an email from SoundCloud which said this "..Our automatic content protection system has detected that your upload "Oct house mix" may contain content that is owned or licensed by EMI France.."

So unfortunetly I am not able to share with you my mix that I prepared for the Month of October and because I am only a mere mortal my time was taken up in Sept - I can only tell you how disapointed I am that I am not able to share my music with you at this time but I will have a new mix uploaded for the weekend.

A house music mix that I will be able to upload. A house music mix that I will be able to share. A house music mix that you will be able to download, own and keep.

But until then. Keep it real folks, keep it house!
I do apologise for keeping you all waiting.

Here is a glimpse as to what CD I have in my car - a little insight into my life and music tastes.

A fantastic remix of a house music classic

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